1-800 Service for Small Business

Toll Free 1-800 Services Designed for Small Businesses

1 800 Service

Benefits of a 1-800 Service for Small Businesses

When setting up a business, it is important to always get a 1-800 phone number. These 1-800 numbers are toll free which means that the cost for the call is borne by the party that is being called and not the person that is making the call. Although this sounds like a disadvantage for the business, it is actually one of the most popular ways of marketing and promoting the business to the general public. However, the ability to call toll free isn’t the primary reason a small business should get a toll free number. The primary reasons are as follows.

Three Reasons 1-800 Service Still Makes Sense for Small Businesses to Get:

  • Toll free 800 numbers are portable – meaning you can transfer the number from one company to another easily
  • Using 1-800 toll free numbers gives your business credibility and a big business appeal
  • Toll free numbers include features that help you stay connected and sound professional

FAQs about Toll Free 800 Numbers

What are the 1-800 services that are available to businesses?

1 800 Services There are many reasons why 1-800 services are beneficial to a business. This is because the 1-800 toll free number provider, such as Unitel Voice, offers many flexible plans and features to their clients. A business has five different payment plans to choose from – traditional, pay as you go, plus, pro and premium. Except for the traditional toll free number service, all the other plans include great features for their customers. One of the features include a voice receptionist. A voice receptionist is the automated recording that tells the customer about the different buttons to press to get a particular service such as 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, etc. This makes it easier for a customer to direct their call to a specific employee of the business that can help solve the query. Another feature of 800 toll free service is call forwarding. As there is not specific area code for 1-800 services, it is possible for the business to shift its area of operation to any part of the world without having to change its toll free number. Setting a 1-800 service will ensure that your business is available to the customer at all times. In case there is a problem with the product or service that is given to the customer, the toll free number acts as a quick and simple way of contacting the business. 1-800 services help businesses expand their reach globally as the products and services are seen across the globe. Due to the fact that these toll free numbers do not cost anything to the person that is calling, it is easier for people who are from different parts of the world to call the business without having to spend a lot on international calls.

How to find a 1-800 toll free number that is available?

1 800 Search It is actually very easy for businesses to make a 1-800 search on the internet in order to find a toll free number provider. There are many online directories and websites that have a list of 1-800 phone numbers for sale. Unilet Voice is one such website that sells 1-800 toll free numbers to any business or entrepreneur. In fact you can find cheap 1-800 numbers and quality phone service. The product line also includes vanity toll free numbers. Vanity toll free numbers are those which has 1-800 followed by a word or phrase that is associated with the business. For example, 1-800-CARRENTAL for a company that gives cars on rent to their customers.

How do 1-800 phone numbers help in marketing a business?

Getting a toll free number is a great way of advertising the business as the customer will be able to associate the toll free number with the business that is being provided. A 1-800 service number that has a phrase in it will be easier for customers to remember as it is something that they can associate it with. A bad example of a toll free number would be 1-800-FLOWERS for a company that sells sports equipment. It is important for businesses to select a toll free number that is easy for customers to understand the connection. Businesses that have easy to remember toll free numbers will be able to get more customers to contact their business. In doing so, they will be able to improve and expand their operations due to the feedback provided by the customers.

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