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Looking for toll free vanity numbers? Use our 1800 vanity numbers search tool to find the perfect toll free vanity number for your small business. Our toll free 800 numbers vanity search tool allows you search any and every available toll free vanity phone numbers. If you can’t find the 800 numbers you are looking for, let us know, and we’ll do our best find a toll free vanity number for you.

FAQs on 800 Numbers Toll Free Vanity Number Searches

Everything You Need to Know About Toll Free Vanity Number

800 numbers toll free Toll free numbers have become very popular over the past decade. The reason why businesses prefer toll free numbers is because it has many advantages for the customer and the business. Customers do not have spend any money calling a business that has a toll free number as the calling charges are not borne by the party making the call but by the party receiving it. This helps in encouraging customers to call the business whenever they have a doubt or feedback with regard to the product or service provided.

What are toll free vanity numbers?

toll free search Businesses that want to have a toll free number service can choose from two types of toll free numbers – regular toll free numbers and vanity toll free numbers. Vanity toll free numbers are those numbers that are followed by a word or phrase. These words and phrases are related to the business that is using the number so that the customer can associate the number with the business. For example, a business that sells coffee, can choose a toll free number such as 1-800-COFFEE. On the telephone, there are numbers which have lettering on them. Customer can then dial the number using the alphabets on the phone's keypad such as 2 for C, 6 for O, etc. Toll free vanity numbers are a little more expensive than regular toll free numbers. Businesses that wish to use a toll free vanity number will have to pay an additional cost for acquiring and managing the number.

How does a business get a toll free vanity number?

toll free vanity number search Businesses that wish to acquire a toll free vanity number can do so by approaching a Responsible Organization. Responsible organizations are the companies which have access to the Service Management System which controls the database of all toll free vanity phone numbers. The business will then have to check with the responsible organization if it has a suitable vanity number. The organization will then do a toll free vanity number search in its database for an available toll free vanity number. This is known as toll free number lookup. A lookup is an algorithm used by the responsible organization to filter out the database for available toll free numbers. The lookup can even filter out numbers that form words or phrases for the convenience of the business. If there is no vanity number available, the responsible organization will then provide alternative vanity numbers which are available. The alternate numbers will be form a word or phrase that describes the business.

Benefits of a toll free vanity number

toll free vanity phone numbers Businesses that use 800 numbers toll free are highly advantageous. The first benefit of using a toll free number for the business is that it encourages customers and users of their products and services to make a call to the business with regard to any queries or feedback. The feedback is then used by the company to improve their products and services which in turn, boosts the revenue to the business through sales. The main reason why these numbers encourages customers to call the business is because they are easy to remember. Businesses have to make sure that the word or phrase that is used in the toll free number can be associated to the business. If a customer does a toll free search for a business that sell coffee, he or she will come across the 1-800-COFFEE vanity number. However, if the business that owns this vanity number is one that specializes in another field, not coffee, it will lead to confusion between the customer and the business.

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