Get an 855 Toll Free Number for Your Small Business

855 Numbers Work Just Like All Toll Free Numbers

855 toll free number 855 numbers

855 Toll Free Numbers

The National SMS Toll Free Number Database recently released the new toll free prefix 855. Now your small business can get an 855 number and use it as your business’s main toll free number. Toll Free 855 phone numbers work the same way as all other toll free numbers do and because 855 numbers are so new, you are more likely to find a vanity 855 toll free number available that spells the word you want for marketing purposes. You can use our custom toll free number search toll to instantly find available 855 toll free vanity numbers. Even President Obama uses an 855 toll free number: (855)-85-OBAMA.

Why get an 855 Toll Free Number?

  • An 855 toll free number is portable meaning you are the owner and you can transfer it from provider to provider.
  • Toll free 855 numbers are relatively new so you are more likely to find an available custom vanity 855 phone number.
  • 855 phone numbers have never been recycled or used by another company, so you won’t have to worry about getting unwanted calls from people looking for the company that previously used that business toll free number.

855 Toll Free Numbers

What are 855 Toll Free Numbers?

An 855 toll free phone number is the newest toll free number prefix released by the SMS 800 National Database. It works the same way as other toll free numbers, 800, 888, 877, and 866.

Why should I get an 855 Toll Free Number for my small business?

A toll free 855 number gives your business the same instant credibility as any other toll free number prefix. Furthermore, 855 toll free numbers enjoy the same portability as all toll free numbers. Portability means you own the number and can port it to any phone company of your choice.

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