Get an 877 Toll Free Number for Your Small Business

877 Toll Free Numbers Act the Same as 800 Toll Free Numbers

877 toll free number

877 Toll Free Number

The national SMS 800 database provides 877 toll free number prefixes to phone companies who provide toll free service to small businesses. Small business owners can secure an 877 toll free number and use it as their main business phone number the same way they would use a traditional 1-800 number. Additionally, custom 877 toll free numbers (or vanity numbers) are available to businesses wishing to use a number that spells their business name or term related to their industry.

Why get an 877 Toll Free Number?

  • An 877 toll free number provides you with number portability allowing you to transfer your number from one phone company to another.
  • 877 numbers give your business instant credibility as they are widely recognized as business toll free numbers.
  • Custom vanity 877 toll free numbers are available to help market your business using a memorable number combination that spells a word such as 877-FLOWERS.

877 Toll Free Numbers

What are 877 Toll Free Numbers?

877 toll free numbers work just like other toll free numbers with different prefixes (800, 888, 866 and 855). They are regulated by the FCC and provisioned by the SMS National Database the same way as other toll free numbers.

Why should I get an 877 Toll Free Number for my small business?

Although not as popular as toll free 866 numbers, 877 numbers are an excellent alternative to an 800 toll free number prefix. An 877 number provides your company with the same credibility and national presence as other toll free numbers. Also, 877 toll free numbers are portable meaning you own your business number and can transfer it from toll free service provider to toll free service provider.

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