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All You Need to Know About the Best Toll Free 1800 Numbers for Small Business

Toll free numbers are telephone numbers that begin with three digit area codes such as 800, 888, 855, 866, 877, 844 and so on. These numbers are generally used by businesses for their contact centers. As a result, all calls made to these numbers will not be charged to the caller and instead, the organization that owns these numbers will be charged for the call. However, when buying 800 numbers for business, you should consider the pricing, features and customer service. The pricing needs to be competitive, the features need to be robust yet easy to use, and the customer service should be free, USA-based, and willing to help you get setup at no additional cost.

What’s the Deal with the Best 1800 Numbers for Small Business?

What’s the Deal with the Best 1800 Numbers for Small Business?

How do I use a toll free directory to find the best 1800 numbers for your business?

1800 numbers for small business If you are looking for a toll free number for your business, then you can find the best 1800 numbers for your business using assistance from toll free directory. There are many such directories that can be found online and can help you to choose the most effective toll free number for your business. Alternatively, you can also call 1-800-555-1212 for free assistance. If you are looking for the best small business phone system for your money, thank look no further than UniTel Voice. This is an official service from the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC. However, not all toll free numbers are listed in this directory and as a result you may not be able to find out who exactly does a particular toll free number belong to. But, you can definitely find out is a number of your choice has been taken. In addition to this, you also need to know that all 1-888-555- numbers are currently not being allocated to any subscriber. Toll free 1-800 numbers are commonly used by businesses and have proven to provide great success in areas such as telemarketing and customer service. 1800 numbers are also famous for personal use too with plenty of parents procuring these numbers for kids that are away for college or any other reason. Everyday SMB owners search the web for 1-800 numbers for sale, in fact, 1800 numbers for small business are quite popular with a large number of both large and small businesses across the nation looking to subscribe to toll free services.

What is the history behind toll free area codes?

The toll free number system was initiated in 1967 by AT&T. Before 1967, if a customer needed to contact a business, then the call would be routed through the service provider who would then, with the permission of the business organization, transfer the charges and the connection. As a result of increased call requests, the phone operators would be highly overworked. To provide these operators with some relief, the service providers initiated a toll free service. There are totally five different types of toll free codes available in for use by subscribers. These include 800, 855, 866 and 877. All numbers that follow after these codes are unique and are not interchangeable. This is done to make sure that everybody has access to a toll free number. In fact, the toll free service began with only 800 as the toll free code and as the popularity of these numbers increase with businesses, the service providers started providing toll free numbers with 888 as the toll free code and the allocation has only increase since then.

How are 1800 and other toll free numbers assigned?

If you are looking for a toll free number for your business, then you should know that these numbers are generally provided on a first come – first served basis by a toll free service provider. As a result, you will need to immediately buy the best 1800 numbers available for your business before you lose your opportunity as these numbers are highly in demand. The numbers are generally assigned by RespOrgs which is a body that is responsible for assigning toll free numbers. Most toll free service provider also offer information about allocation of these numbers and as a result you need not directly approach a RespOrg to obtain a toll free number. You can directly approach a toll free service provider who can register the number of your choice on your behalf to the RespOrg.

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