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UniTel Voice has the Best Small Office Phone Systems for Small Business

Searching for the best small business phone systems for small business? Look no further, you’ve found the best small office phone system business service. That service is called the virtual office phone system and we shamelessly believe it’s the best small business phone service for the following reasons:

  • More features (all included)
  • Superior call quality and network reliability
  • 100% USA-based support and free personal help getting your small office phone system set up

FAQs on Best Small Office Phone Systems for Small Business

How to Find the Right Small Business Phone System for Your Company

small office phone systems Small office phone systems can be easily acquired in a number of configurations, that offer a wide range of benefits and features. The most contemporary small office phone systems these days work on Internet Protocol (IP) network. It is the same network that many other small companies are currently using to connect devices, employees and information resources.

History of small business phone system

best small office phone systems In multi-line phone system, there are basically two different types of system, large-scale private branch exchange and small key system. A business telephone system provides many more extra characteristics related to the handling of calls. The Electro-mechanical shared control key system was one of the first system to be introduced, but it has become obsolete now and the Electronic shared control system has taken its place. It has many more features like caller id, answering machine functions and speed dialing. These days, a new version has come up known as the hybrid key telephone system which supports features like SIP, ISDN and it is fully digital with all the analog system becoming outdated.

Obtaining the right phone systems for small business

office phone systems reviews There are many things you have to consider when assessing and applying a phone systems for small business like recognizing the needs of your user. The right office phone system will definitely give your employees the instruments they require to be more effective and efficient. Does your manpower require easy means to loaded media conferencing instruments? Do they require one number that rings on multiple devices at the same time? It is very crucial to know the tools that your manpower requires, so that you can pick out wisely among the numerous small business phone systems that is available. The various capabilities and features that you need to consider are paging and intercom, automated attendant, videoconferencing and mobile soft phones, for using a computing machine as a telephone.

Other phone system features to watch out for

office phone systems Apart from these there are others features like integrating with a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This kind of technology has the capability to identify quickly who inside your company is reachable at any particular moment, and best way to get to them (Unified messaging, with notification either by text message, e-mail or the telephone). Wireless IP phones which enables the employees to get the data and be easily approachable, even as they wander about in a warehouse, sales floor, or any other location.

Why you need a office phones system

Inquire with your local service provider or the seller to make sure that your telephone system's features, characteristics and capabilities are able to fit in to your establishment's long and short-term business goals. A brand-new phone system for small business can surely help your workers do things that were impossible earlier. It can alter the manner in which you manage your business enterprise transactions too. For example, by using wireless IP telephones, your sales floor personnel can promptly check whether a component is in stock in your storage warehouse, without even having to leave the client's side. There are many advantages of having an office phone system like sharing of resources in real time. Over time you can expand it as the company grows. Your workers need to have a secured means to pass the message not only to the clients, but also to potential customers and run the business. Installing a dedicated telephone system in your organization can provide many critical competitive rewards for your company.

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