Get a Business Phone System PBX

How to Get the Right Business Phone System PBX for Your Startup Business

Business Phone System PBX

Business Phone System PBX

Getting the right business phone system PBX for your startup company can be a challenge. But before you spend tens of thousands of dollars on an expensive small business phone system, and some business phone systems can get very costly, consider getting a virtual office phone system from UniTel Voice. UniTel Voice’s small business PBX services give your start-up the power of a professional business phone system PBX, minus the cost and equipment. You won’t have to worry about installing hardware, downloading software, or setting up new telephone lines. UniTel Voice works with your existing phones, so you can run your business from your cell phone and sound as if you have one of those Fortune 500 company business phone systems. You’ll stay connected to your remote employees working from other locations and most importantly – you’ll never miss a customer call again! Getting setup is cheap, fast, and easy, and best of all completely risk free with no contracts to worry about.

Why get a virtual business phone system PBX instead of a traditional PBX?

  • A virtual phone system or virtual PBX service is much less expensive and there’s no upfront investment.
  • There’s no equipment to install or maintain because the business phone system PBX is hosted in the cloud.
  • Setup is easy and you can run your business from anywhere: your home, office, or cell phone.

Business Phone System PBX

Why should my startup get a business phone system PBX?

Your start-up should get a virtual business phone system PBX because it will help your company sound more professional and keep you and your team connected to your customers. A virtual phone system allows you to use your cell phone as your business telephone. You can even make outbound calls from your cell phone and the caller idea will look like it’s coming from your toll free phone number with the UniTel Voice smart phone application.

What is a business phone system PBX and how does it work?

Business phone systems, specifically Virtual PBX phone systems, greet callers with a customizable virtual auto attendant and then route them to the proper department or employee extension. Virtual phone systems require no equipment or setup cost and they can connect mobile and remote employees working in different locations. This makes these business PBX telephone systems ideal for the startup environment.

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