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Toll Free Vanity Numbers

Business Toll Free Vanity Numbers Available for Small Businesses

In the past decade, there has been a steady rise in the demand for toll free numbers by businesses across the globe. The reason for this business toll free number demand is that these numbers are free and do not cost the party making the call. The cost of the call is borne by the party that is being called which is, in this case, the business. Toll free vanity numbers are those numbers which are 1-800 numbers followed by a phrase or a word that is encoded in numbers, such as 2 for ABC, 3 for DEF, etc. These toll free number are popular among businesses as it makes it easier for the customer to remember the number. Business toll free numbers are important as they help the business increase their sales. As the customer can remember the vanity toll free numbers easily and since they’re also free to call, he/ she will not hesitate to call the business for support, purchase requisitioning or feedback. These valuable inputs can be used by the business to improve their quality of service and develop their products. The question that arises for businesses is how do they know if there are vanity numbers available?

FAQs on Business Toll Free Vanity Numbers Available

Where do you get these vanity numbers?

Vanity Numbers Available Businesses that are looking to get their hands on some 1800 vanity numbers must find a toll free service provider like UniTel Voice known as a RespOrg or Responsible Organization. RespOrgs are authorized to provide toll free vanity numbers to small businesses. A responsible organization is one which has access to the 800/SMS number database. These organizations buy the numbers from the administrator and sell it to businesses at a fixed monthly rate. The organization runs and manages the call on behalf of the business.

Who owns your business toll free number?

Business Toll Free You do. After the number is sold to the business, it becomes the business' number, which means that particular number cannot be sold until the business terminates the service completely. When a business makes a request for a vanity number, the organization will use a computer program that runs a look-up algorithm on their system to retrieve all the vanity numbers available for sale. If there is no match for the phrase or word that is requested, then the organization will give the number to the business. If there is a match, the organization will give a list of alternatives using similar phrases and words which have numbers that are available. The business will have to pay extra for the toll free vanity number along with the fixed monthly rate.

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