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Buy 800 Numbers for Small Business from UniTel Voice

  • With UniTel Voice you can buy 800 numbers loaded with phone system features. All virtual phone system features are included when you get a toll free number from UniTel Voice. Features include the ability to setup greetings, extensions, voicemails, send and receive faxes, setup conference calls, record calls and more.
  • When you buy 800 numbers through UniTel Voice you own the toll free numbers you purchased. You can transfer them to another toll free service provider at any time.
  • All 800 numbers for small business include 100% USA-base customer service at no charge. UniTel Voice offers the Best 1800 Numbers for Small Business and startup companies. There’s No Contracts. No Setup or Activation Fees. And a 30-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.

Questions about Buy 800 Numbers for Small Business

Why Should Businesses Buy 800 Numbers?

800 numbers for small business 800 numbers are basically toll free numbers, these telephone numbers begin with three digit codes and can also be 888, 877, 866, 855, and so on. Toll free services work pretty much the same as a regular phone service. Calls can be directed and routed to any location with multiple inbound call capacity along with fax capability. The main differentiating feature here is that the receiver of the toll free call needs to pay usage fees for all incoming calls instead of the caller being charged.

A toll free service can enhance the productivity of a business and allows customers to reach you at any time, from anywhere which greatly increases the customer satisfaction your business provides. Customers are attracted to companies/businesses that have toll free numbers because these companies are generally associated with high quality products and services. Making use of toll free services results in more incoming calls which is directly proportional to sales and profits for any business. Businesses most commonly buy 800 numbers for their contact and support centers which deal with customer interactions. Having a toll free service is convenient and suitable for customers when their calls and queries need longer periods of time to handle.

How 800 numbers for small businesses are gaining popularity?

Regular phone numbers do not have an affordable global reach and are not effective for a business over long distance. The lines of communication that are established by a telephone service are important for customer relations. Having a toll free service makes it easier to call and so increases scope for a customer’s interaction with a business/company. In this way toll free numbers can make support access a global service which results in an increase in customer interaction and retention. Most toll free service providers have on demand telecom services which enable small businesses to efficiently manage inbound communication while projecting a professional image.

Before number portability was introduced, a subscriber would be locked down with a single carrier in order to retain a particular toll free number. Carriers could not be changed without a change in number. One of the main reasons that 800 numbers for small businesses have gained popularity is because of the number portability developments. However it is hard to find available 800 numbers. With toll free portability service a toll free number can be retained and carried on over different service providers. Toll free service subscribers can move over to different carriers without changing their present toll free number. With this facility businesses would not need to get into the hassle of having to change business cards and letterheads or buy 800 numbers every time they needed to relocate as they grew.

How an 800 number can help you market your business?

One of the advantages of buying 800 numbers is that it increases the business' marketing and advertising scope. These toll free numbers can be personalized to take on the form of a relevant word or phrase; a popular example for this being 1-800-FLOWERS for a florist. Such personalized numbers provides customers and potential prospects with an opportunity to associate a business’ number along with the service that they provide. Numbers with strong connections between the name created and the service provided can serve businesses to greatly market themselves. Such personalized toll free numbers are known as vanity numbers and are rapidly gaining popularity.

Buy 800 Number for your Small Business because 800 numbers can also help small businesses run more efficiently. For example calls to a business toll free number can directly be routed forward to any other number. This means that calls directed to a toll free number can be received from a mobile phone or even a home phone. This feature greatly benefits small businesses helping them to be in constant touch with their customers. With the number of providers that are offering toll free services being quite large, such vanity numbers are available at competitive rates.

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