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  • When you purchase an 800 number from UniTel Voice you own it! All 800 numbers for sale can be transfer it to any toll free service provider you wish at any time.
  • Vanity 800 number service includes voicemail, greetings, extensions and time-of-day routing.
  • Toll free 800 numbers from UniTel Voice includes free 100% USA-based customer support and setup.

Questions about Buying Vanity 800numbers

Why Does Every Business Needs a Vanity 800 Number?

buy vanity 800 number A toll free number for your company can greatly help in the development and growth of your business, while simultaneously increasing your credibility with customers and future prospects. A toll free service provides customers with the option of connecting with you for no cost to them. This helps you to build a strong customer relationship which is the key to succeeding in any industry. Every mid to large scale company will sooner or later be confronted with the concern of having to acquire a toll free number. Even though number portability is now available to switch between different carriers, it is still important to choose the right number for your toll free service as this number will stay on.

Why should a small business buy a Vanity 800 number?

800 number toll free Selecting the right toll free number can help a business in a number of ways. A choice to buy vanity 800 number services can greatly affect the marketing and advertising potential of your company. A vanity 800 number is popularly known as a ‘phoneword’. These toll free numbers have a certain word in them that should be relevant to the service that the business provides. Such a toll free number serves as a great way for advertising the business as a customer is able to associate the vanity number with the service that is being provided. A general example for this is the use of 1-800-FLOWERS being used by a florist. Such 800 numbers with a special phrase help to effectively reinforce a customer’s memory with visual and audio aids that the phrase provides. Making use of these psychological effects to advertise your company has proven to be one of the most successful methods to obtain an edge over competition.

How to choose and purchase the right vanity 800 number?

vanity 800 number lookup During your vanity 800 number search there are a few tips that should be kept in mind to make sure that you choose correctly from the available 800 numbers. One of the most common mistakes that businesses make is when they buy vanity 800 number hybrids. The entire point of having a vanity number is to facilitate easy recollection of the number. When there are a few numbers added along with the vanity phrase people tend not to remember those few numbers, which destroys the entire process of easy recollection.

A vanity 800 number is easier to find and is also more commonly made use of than 877, 866, 855 or 844 toll free numbers. Having an 800 number is much more beneficial and worth the extra time or cost when it is reflected in business opportunities caused through advertising and marketing. The public is more likely to make 800 number toll free calls. This is because a majority of people are familiar with only 800 numbers being toll free.

How can I do a vanity 800 number lookup and search for a toll free number?

vanity 800 number search Selection of a phrase in a toll free number is more beneficial when it describes the service that is being provided rather than when the toll number phrase is the name of the company, unless of course the company is exceptionally popular and well-known. When a customer is in the process of a vanity 800 number lookup, finding a phrase that can describe or reinforce your advertising message helps them to understand what service you are providing. It is also beneficial to use simpler words that are more commonly used. This makes them easier to spell and remember by the public. While marketing your brand make sure that you use your vanity number at every place possible. Unitel Voice allows you to an 800 phone number lookup tool. All products and facets that are associated with the public should have your vanity number on it to ensure that the number is remembered. Keeping this number stuck firmly in public memory is the first step to achieve effective communication.

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