800 Numbers for Business

Everything You Need to Know About Buying 800 Numbers Cheap

800 numbers for business

Choosing an 800 number service provider for your business

A toll free number is a necessity to every business regardless of its size and niche. Toll free numbers provide your customers a convenient and an easy way to contact you. It can also be instrumental in marketing your business effectively to your customers through ad campaigns and other innovative methods. In fact 800 numbers for business can be associated with the identity of a business and as a result is very special and something that is exclusive to the business. Getting a virtual toll free number from UniTel Voice is a smart move because it’s portable and loaded with amazing features.

Why Buying 800 Numbers Cheap is a Smart Move:

  • Toll free numbers can be transferred from one company to another very easily.
  • Shop around. There’s no reason to pay more for toll free 800 numbers you can get for less.
  • UniTel Voice has several affordable toll free service options that can save you money.

FAQs about Buying Cheap 800 Numbers for Your Small Business

How to identify the right 800 numbers for business provider?

buying 800 numbers The first step you need to take to switch your existing toll free number with a new service provider is to first find a suitable service provider. There may be several reasons why you may have decided to port your number from an existing provider to a new one. You may be unhappy with the charges, the service, the support, the service may be unreliable and so on. However, you must take care to find the best possible service provider when you port your custom 800 number available. This is to make sure that you don't have to switch once more from the prospective provider. Identify your concerns with the current provider and make sure that you find a prospective service provider that can effectively address these concerns. You can do so by evaluating their charges, service records, reviews and many other methods. However, that does not mean that your toll free service provider will provide you with special privileges and many businesses may often come across poor service and other bad experiences from their providers simply for the fact that they made a mistake when choosing their service provider. There is an easy fix for this situation and that is porting your existing number to a different provider. Here are some essential steps you need to take when switching your provider.

Why buying toll free numbers are important?

800 numbers cheap Buying 800 numbers is usually a meticulous task that may require a considerable amount of creativity and you should do your best not to lose your existing number even though you may find that many vendors provide 800 numbers cheap. There are several disadvantages you would be facing if you abandon your existing 800 toll free phone numbers. To begin with, you may lose a large number of your customers. This can be an issue especially if you own a vanity number as people often associate these numbers with a business and are reluctant to accept any change. Other than this, you must also remember that businesses are waiting for an opportunity to get their hands on a good vanity number. As a result, a competitor may instantly rise to this opportunity and use the number to convert your customers.

What are the legalities and other formalities regarding buying 800 numbers for business?

When you decide to port your number to another vendor, there are certain legalities and formalities that you need to observe to make a successful transfer. When porting an 800 number for business, you will need to fill a Responsible Organization Authorization Form or the RespOrg form for when you buy 1800 number service. This form will contain information about the details pertaining to your toll free number, your existing service provider and the new service provider. You can request this form from your current service provider and then initiate the process of porting your number. To avoid further delays in the process, you need to make sure that all the information you provide in the RespOrg form is accurate. Otherwise the transfer may be rejected and you may have to initiate the process from the beginning. Once you have completed the form, you will need to provide this form to your new service provider who will complete the transfer. The process may take some time and it is advisable not to cancel the service with the existing provider to provide uninterrupted service to your customers.

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