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cheap 1800 numbers

Benefits of Cheap 1800 Numbers for Online Businesses

Among the several widely recommended aspects of starting a business includes 1800 numbers for business. This is something that is recommended even to online businesses such as ecommerce stores and various other online services. However, due to the rapid advancements in technology, long distance calling rates have dropped tremendously and this has led many online business owners to wonder if these toll free numbers would really make any difference especially with the costs involved. However, what you may be forgetting is the fact that even the toll free number costs have decreased significantly and you can now obtain several cheap 1800 numbers for your business. Here are some of the benefits an online business can derive from owning a toll free number.

3 Reasons to Get Affordable Toll Free Service

  • Toll free number service is more affordable than ever before and fast and easy to implement.
  • You can sign up instantly online.
  • There are no setup fees or contracts.

Q/A about Affordable 1800 Numbers

How does a cheap 1800 number increase your business’s credibility?

1800 numbers for business When it comes to online businesses, establishing credibility can at times be a challenging effort – especially because of the predominating fear among people about online shopping sites. However, owning cheap 1800 numbers for your online business can help improve your credibility to a certain extent. Customers generally believe that toll free numbers are associated with larger corporations and enterprises and they would at all times opt for a more established organization as opposed to an inexperienced organization. Owning a toll free number can add to your credibility and lead to more conversions. The bottom line even a cheap toll free number can add tremendous value to your business image.

How do toll free 1-800 numbers help increasing sales?

Studies reveal that a large number of sales in an organization are driven by the first point of contact. In other words, a person is more likely to buy from you if they contact you first. This is because, they are psychologically inclined to call the most preferred organization first and as a result you will have an advantage. Now you may think how can cheap 1-800 numbers helps in this scenario. A toll free number can in many occasions ensure that a customer will choose to call your number. This is because, when offered with two alternative phone numbers that include one regular number and another toll free number, people have a tendency to opt for the toll free number. However, in addition to this, your overall presentation of the online business will also matter greatly when it comes to driving your sales.

What are the benefits of a cheap toll free forwarding?

One of the greatest benefits an affordable toll free number service is the ability to forward calls to any other number. You can accept calls from customers from any number of your choice including cell phones and fixed landlines. The customers wouldn't know the difference and you will conveniently be able to solve their queries and pitch to them regardless of where you are. Be sure to review toll free forwarding services because you can also opt for innovative options such as forwarding the calls to a different phone depending upon the time of the day. As a result, if you are offering a 24 hour service, you can take the calls yourself during business hours and after that you can forward your calls to your outsourced customer service provider. This in turn decreases the overall costs involved in customer service too. Another key benefit an online business can derive from a toll free number is the ability to manipulate the order size to a bigger one. When it comes to pitching to your leads, your sales team can do so effectively when they can speak to the client without any interruptions. This is generally best done through a face to face interview. However, a toll free number can allow you a certain degree of freedom as the client would not be paying any charges for the call. As a result, they would be willing to listen to what you have to say. This can then be used to pitch them more effectively.

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