Cloud Based Phone System in the Cloud PBX Environment

Virtual PBX Telephone Systems Hosted Online in the Cloud

cloud based phone system

Looking for Cloud-based PBX Phone System Hosted and Managed Completely Online?

The UniTel Voice Virtual Office Phone System is a completely Cloud based phone system. As a hosted phone system in the cloud PBX environment, users can manage all the phone system features online. The PBX call routing system is virtually hosted in redundant serves, thus making it a cloud phone system. There’s no need for equipment, hardware, software, as everything can be managed online or from your smart phone. Try UniTel Voice risk free for 30 days. There no setup fees or contracts required.

FAQs & Topics about a Telephone System in the Cloud PBX Environment

Benefits of Cloud Based Phone System

cloud based phone systems Cloud based systems completely change the way businesses provide support to their buyers. Traditional customer care systems involve elaborate networks of call centers. To save costs on the same, most companies outsource this work to where labor costs are far less. However, this still works out to be more expensive and less efficient in comparison to a cloud based phone system. Also, incorporating new feature on a cloud system is very easy. Since the entire process in online, all you really have to do is make basic installations. This can accommodate even the most radical changes in the process. If you are conducting research on small business phone system reviews and comparisons – definitely check out UniTel Voice!

Why choose cloud based phone?

cloud based phone Cloud services completely eliminate phone lines. However, it keeps lines of communication open through high speed Internet broadband. The entire network is done through the cloud software, and is no longer dependent on wires. Some company owners feel that the system is not safe because it is online. On the contrary, cloud systems are very secure. Data is always stored on exceptionally secure servers. An added advantage is that the information can be accessed at any time through the Internet. This makes it easier for you to assess how your company is performing based on customer response. Also, it saves large costs in installing physical phone lines. This is beneficial to companies large and small alike.

Focusing on your core business strategy

cloud pbx These systems make it easier for your team to focus on necessary developments in the company rather than have to sit at telephones waiting on calls. The technology redirects calls to your mobile if you choose, and provides service efficiently. Being on the cloud helps by preventing any hardware issues from diminishing work output. By maintaining everything online, your team has the time and resources to address core company issues, thereby ensuring your growth. Also organizations generally have to set up different connections in various offices to run efficiently. This is not possible for a small organization because of the lack of funds. Setting up a phone system in the cloud on the other hand is very simple. They are easy to manage and inexpensive as well.

Accommodating future growth through cloud based phone systems

cloud phone system There are unlimited possibilities with a cloud PBX system. Traditional phone systems are bound by their hardware. This means that there is limited growth. An online system can be reworked without you having to spend additional money or install other hardware. Since the technology is rather new, it is still the focus of development for many companies. This implies that changes for the better are evident. As of now, traditional VoIP systems require you to move to other locations, pay additional costs and install further hardware to work effectively. With a cloud based phone system, all you have to pay for is the service you are receiving. Adding users is not an issue at all. You do not need to worry about outgrowing your capacity when you have a system that works online.

Adapting to evolving communication systems

Your business can evolve because its customer care system is available on a versatile platform: the Internet. Physical, or land based systems, pose the problem of being static. It is very difficult to develop something that is designed for a particular purpose. Making additions to such a device would only restrict how much you can change. With the rapid growth in technology today, this would mean that you would have to continuously re-install new systems so that you stay ahead of the curb. Without making constant purchases, you will be using out-dated systems, and your consumers will start to feel dissatisfied with your service when compared to that of companies who have purchased the latest hardware.

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