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800 number availability

Are you looking for available custom 800 number service?

If you are looking for custom 800 number availably look no further than UniTel Voice. The cost of 800 number service has never been cheaper. Our 1-800 number vanity search tool allows customers to search the SMS/800 database in real-time. This toll free 800 number finder tool provides instant results fast and easy. Your small business can get 800 number services for a fraction of the price of other carriers.

Here’s 3 reasons to check 800 number availability using UniTel Voice.

Questions about 800 number finder fees, services, and costs

How Can Businesses Know About 800 Number Availability?

custom 800 number Getting a toll free number has become a great way for businesses to keep in contact with their customers. Since the cost of a call is borne by the business, customers will not hesitate to pick up the phone and call them for customer support, purchase requisitioning or common doubts. Having a toll free number also makes it easier for businesses to improve their business. As customers will be able to contact the business at any time, there will be a lot of feedback with regard to quality of product and service provided. The feedback that is received can be used by the business to improve the operations which will, in turn, improve the number of sales henceforth. Another great feature about having a toll free number is that the business has the option of making it a regular number or a vanity toll free number. A vanity toll free number is one that has a phrase included in the number wherein the number stands for a particular letter in the alphabet. These numbers when put together and converted to letters, make a phrase which can be easily identifiable to their customers, such as 1-800-FLOWERS. The question that most businesses have is how do they find out about 800 number availability?

Why are toll free service providers called RespOrgs or Responsible Organizations?

800 number search Responsible Organizations are those which has access to all the 800/SMS numbers after being certified by the administrator. These organizations allow businesses to purchase numbers from the database at a fixed monthly cost. When the business is looking to make a custom 800 number, the request will have to be made into a query using a computer language that looks up all the numbers that are available on the database. This is done through a computer program which is managed by the responsible organization. After going through the database, the program will retrieve all the numbers that are available using a lookup tool which is embedded. Making an 800 number search takes a minute to find out if there is an 800 number availability. This is beneficial to the business as it saves on time to search for the number.

What are the costs involved?

800 number vanity search Responsible organizations, such as Unitel Voice, have a fixed payment scheme in which businesses can choose from. There are five different payment schemes – traditional, pay as you go, plus, pro and premium. The cost of 800 number varies with each payment option. When the toll free number provider makes a search for an available number, it uses an 800 number finder to check whether the number is in use or not. Based on that the results that are made, a business can choose which number to choose from.

What are the costs for vanity toll free numbers?

cost of 800 number With regard to an 800 number vanity search, the process is the same. The provider will input the search query in its program and it will retrieve all the numbers that are in use and are available for use. In most cases, there will already be a business that uses a common vanity toll free number. This is not a cause for concern for the business that is making the purchase because the provider will find synonyms for the word or phrase so that you get the number you are looking for. In order to get a vanity toll free number, there is an additional cost that has to be borne by the business along with the fixed monthly fees. The costs for these numbers are flexible as businesses can choose to upgrade and degrade from one plan to another without paying an extra costs. Also there is no cost to setup the service as Unitel Voice does it all on behalf of the business

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