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Why Get a 1-800 Number for Your Business?

Owning an 800 number for business is a highly popular trend with businesses in every niche as they provide the customers with an easy and a free way to contact you for various queries, support requests and other information. In addition to this, a toll free number is also an effective marketing tool when pitching an effective call to action. Here are some reasons why you should Get an 800 number for your business. A cheap toll free number doesn’t have to mean poor customer service.

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  • Get more phone system features with less hassle—because we offer free personal setup help with every plan.
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Questions about How to Get 1-800 Number for Business

What’s the origin of toll free numbers?

800 number for business Before diving deep into the benefits of these numbers for business, a little overview about the history and origins of toll free numbers would be helpful in understanding their significance. Toll free numbers originated as early as 1967 with AT&T's initiative to provide relief to their operators. These numbers started with a prefix 800 and a large number of businesses started leveraging these numbers to provide better service to their customers. As a result, many of the 800 numbers for business were purchased and soon other prefixes including 888, 887 and 886 began circulation. The latest addition to these prefixes includes 844. Today these numbers can be availed from a large number of vendors such as UniTel Voice where you can find the perfect toll free number using our custom 800 number availability tool for free.

Does a toll free number give your business an added edge?

800 number cheap With the cost of long distance calls reduced significantly, many entrepreneurs today wonder if the toll free numbers are really that significant. However, this has not altered the significance of a toll free number. Market research has revealed that customers would at all times prefer calling a business that includes a toll free number. The survey has also found that people feel more comfortable conversing with you when they do not have to pay for the call. Moreover it is considered as a courtesy not to charge any potential or distressed customers. In addition to this, the toll free numbers offer businesses with a unique advantage when it comes to marketing themselves. This is truly an added edge to your business as toll free numbers render a sense of professionalism to your company and your prospects feel that your business is more established than your competitors leading to increased sales.

How does 800 number pricing work?

800 number pricing With several technological improvements taking place since the first toll free number was introduced in 1967, the toll free numbers today offer a lot of flexible features and attractive benefits that not only improve the customer experience but also helps you keep the cost low. In addition to this, the massive improvements in technology and the immense competition between the various service providers has led to several 800 cheap number options that businesses can leverage effectively for their benefit. As a result, you can find plenty of providers offer cheap 800 numbers to businesses.

Do toll free numbers add value to your small business?

cheap 800 number One of the greatest advantages of having a toll free number is for the greater business value that these numbers offer. This is because, these numbers help you to easily identify the needs of your customer and address them effectively in one go. This will create an impression that your business is established and more helpful towards your customers. People generally do not like being called back in to settle their problems and it would not be right to keep your customer on the line for a long time if they are paying for the call. As a result, when you get 1800 number for your business, your customer will not be charger for any calls that they make to your contact center and you can solve the issues immediately. This can provide you with word of mouth publicity which is more effective than any other form of marketing technique.

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