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Get 800 Business Numbers for Your Small Business

Small businesses can get 800 numbers for their business with fast, easy, and affordable service from UniTel Voice. Small businesses get new virtual business phone numbers can loaded with phone system features. UniTel Voice offers 800 toll free business numbers in every toll free number prefix including:

  • 800 toll free numbers
  • 888 toll free phone numbers
  • 877 toll free telephone numbers
  • 866 toll free phone numbers
  • 855 toll free numbers
  • 844 toll free 800 numbers

FAQs & Topics on 800 Business Numbers

How to Get a Business Number for your Company

800 business numbers In the age that we are living today, many companies are moving to 800 business number as a means to improve their operations. 800 business numbers or the toll free numbers are very useful to both the customer as well as the company. The clients who call on these numbers are not charged as the cost is borne fully by the company. Although the company will be paying for the call charges that their customers make, it proves to be very beneficial to the company which can be seen on a large scale in the future.

History of business number or toll-free numbers

800 business number It was AT&T which introduced the first ever business number or toll-free number in the year 1967. The thought behind the introduction of such numbers is still the same, that is they reverse the charges of the call to the party who is being called. In the U.S., these numbers are called toll-free numbers or 800 business numbers, whereas in the rest of the world it is known as free phone numbers. As more and more organizations acknowledged the benefits of these toll-free numbers, their popularity went up. Soon most of the numbers were exhausted and other prefix had to be introduced like 888, 877 and 844.

Why do companies need 800 numbers?

The main reason why an establishment must get an 800 number for their business is, these numbers are very cheap. There are many service providers in the market these days and each service provider has a Unique Selling Proposition to attract more customers at a lower price. Secondly,companies get an 800 business number to increase the satisfaction levels of a customer. If you get an 800 business number, you will obtain more feedback from the customer as nothing is holding them back from making a call. This plan of action will make more number of clients to give relevant feedback to companies.

Where can you get an 800 number

There are many ways to find 800 business numbers. The primary way to find it is on the internet. You just have to type in 800 number service providers in a search engine and you will see a whole list of all the service providers in and around your region. However, you must be careful and keep in mind that there are many fake sources on the internet which may try to deceive you. Before selecting any service provider you must authenticate it with the proper authorities. The best option for you is to find an appropriate service provider that has got many recommendations by other clients. The key to find an appropriate service provider lies in the words, 'Responsible Organization'. Whenever you are searching for a toll free number for your company, you must look for the word Responsible Organization against the service provider's name. These service providers are trustworthy sources and will provide you with a list of 800 numbers which are available on their database.

The benefits that these providers give

These toll free number service providers give away many freebies for their customers, apart from giving the number. They will make sure that your whole account is exhaustively managed. Service providers have different schemes and plans for the company to choose from. These plans can be downgraded to a lower package or upgraded to higher package at any point in time. The benefits that these service providers give include unlimited extensions, a virtual receptionist. They will also make sure that the 800 business number which is being given is set up in the right way at the respective place of work.

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