Get an 800 Number for Your Small Business

Why & How to Get an 800 Number for Your Small Business

Get an 800 number

Get an 800 Number

There is a reason why every Fortune 500 Company has a toll free number and it’s not just because customers can call in toll free. The main reason is toll free number portability. And that’s reason enough for your small business to get an 800 number. If you get an 800 number for your business you’ll own and control your business phone number. The FCC has put into place rules and regulations that make it easier for you to port your number from service provider to service provider. This means if your businesses location changes or your phone company raises their rates, you can port your toll free number to another provider. If you get a toll free number you’ll own that number for life.

Where can I get an 800 number?

  • Get an 800 number from a toll free service provider that is an official RespOrg authorized by the FCC ensuring toll free number portability.
  • When you get a 1800 number make sure you find the best toll free features at the lowest rate.
  • You don’t have to get a true "1-800 number" – you can choose from the available toll free prefixes list which includes the prefixes 888, 877, 866, and 855.

Get an 800 Number

Why should my small business get an 800 number?

Whether you’re a big company or a home-based business you want to get an 800 number because of portability. Portability means you own your toll free 800 number and can port to any provider at any time. If you are a startup or a home-based business you may also want to get an 800 number for credibility. People recognize toll free numbers a business lines and they may feel more comfortable calling what they believe is an established company with a nationwide presence.

Why is number portability important to my small business?

The main reason number portability is important is the ability to own your business toll free number. This means you can easily move it from business phone service provider to business phone service provider. What do you do if your phone company raises rates or you move locations? If you have an 800 number you can port it to another provider fast and easy because of the toll free number portability rules put in place by the FCC.

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