How to Get Toll Free Numbers for Your Small Business

Learn how you can get toll free numbers for home-based or startup business

Get Toll Free Numbers

Get Toll Free Numbers

You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 Company to get toll free numbers for your home-based business or a startup company. You can find 800 numbers and get 800 number service from phone companies offering affordable rates and tons of phone system features that make running your business much easier. You should do your research before you buy an 800 number. Most phone companies over charge and don’t offer the features your small business needs. Getting a business toll free number with UniTel Voice has never been faster or easier – sign up instantly for affordable service and get a toll free number today!

Three reasons you should get toll free numbers for your business:

  • Get toll free numbers for all your marketing material so you can track call activity and measure the ROI form each marketing source( e.g., google adwords, e-newsletters, billboards, radio advertisements etc.).
  • Using a 1-800 number as your business phone number adds instant credibility to your small business.
  • Toll free numbers are portable meaning you can transfer or move them to any phone company at any time.

Get Toll Free Numbers

Should I get toll free numbers for all my business lines

Yes, if you get toll free numbers for all your lines it gives your business a national presence and a certain level of credibility. This is because established companies use them and people recognize toll free 800 numbers as business phone numbers. You can also track the incoming calls on each toll free line which gives marketing intelligence about your business. However, the most important reason you should use should get toll free numbers for all your lines is portability. You will always own each 1800 phone number you use for your business.

What is toll free number portability?

Toll free 800 number portability means you can move your toll free 1800 number from phone company to phone company at any time. It means you own and control your number. If you are using local numbers and you had to move or your phone company increases your rates – you may not be able to take that number with you to another provider. If you get toll free numbers for all your lines you won’t have to worry about losing the number if you decided to transfer to another service provider. Note: Be sure to always read the terms & conditions of your toll free service provider. Some sneaky phone companies have cancelation or porting fees associated with their toll free service. UniTel Voice does not. With us you own your number – no strings attached.

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