How to buy 1800 numbers

Cheap 1800 number availability

How to buy 1800 numbers

How to buy 1800 numbers for your small business

UniTel Voice offers cheap 1-800 number service for startup companies and growing small businesses of all sizes. Our toll free number service includes amazing virtual phone system features that will help your company sound professional and stay connected even if you are running your business from your cell phone. Sign Up Instantly. 30-Days Risk Free! No Contracts.

Phone system features included:

  • Custom Greetings
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Unlimited Call Handling
  • Unlimited Extensions & Call Forwarding
  • Call Screening & Announcement
  • Voicemail & Fax to Email
  • And more...

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FAQs on Buying toll free 1800 phone numbers

How to Buy 1800 Numbers for Business?

Cheap 1800 numberMany organizations show greater results in terms of sales and awareness generation with the help of toll-free numbers. Buy a 1800 number for your business so that you can compete with rivals in the market. Today, there is thick competition between firms in all streams of business. Regardless of whether you are retailing clothes or selling flowers, you will have to face other companies in the same line of business.

To give you a slight edge over the rest of the companies, consider buying a cheap 1800 number. These numbers are portable, so it is not mandatory that you have to be tied down to a single service provider. Portability makes it easier for you to incorporate these numbers into your business because you will be able to relocate your office at any time without having to worry about losing the number or the service. These vanity numbers give your organization national presence. Learn more about: Vanity 1800 numbers

How to organizations benefit from using toll-free numbers?

Buy a 1800 numberIf you sell products or services overseas, you can get an internationally accepted number as well. It will add to the credibility of your business. The numbers have the added advantage of centralizing your process. Regardless of where your employees are situated, you will be able to address all your customers’ needs though the same number. Every buyer will have to remember just one number.

When you purchase a vanity number that spells out something simple and catchy, you will find your customer response enhanced by a fair amount. You can also check how well your marketing strategy works. Due to each call being recorded in your call centers, you will be able to identify the sales model that works best for your business. Then you can incorporate the same for all your advertising.

The professionalism that comes from a 1-800 number includes services like voicemail, call forwarding and unlimited extensions. Your consumers will be convinced of the authenticity and reliability of your firm. If you are unsure of the process, just find out which service provider you are comfortable with, and simply sign up and check 1800 number availability before you make your purchase. The process is extremely simple. Installation of services generally takes about a day or two. Learn more about: 800 numbers for sale

Is there anything to look out for before choosing a number?

1800 number availability Before you pick out a number, ensure that you have picked something that makes sense to your customers. Most organizations simply opt of numbers that are generic to their line of business. This does not help the consumer remember the number and associate it to your brand specifically.

Instead, try to get a number that puts in your brand value as well. If you business is giving out loans, or mortgaging, try to tell your customers that your process is the simplest, or the quickest, in the number. This way, they will be attracted to your business promise rather than a generic view of what your line of business is.

Also, refrain from using unique or different spellings in your vanity toll-free numbers. Sometimes, organizations find that the number of their choice has already been taken, so they twist the spelling a little bit so that the mnemonic is still a homophone or what they wanted to use. This process is not very effective.

Consumers get confused or tend to forget the spelling difference while they are attempting to get in touch with companies. This reroutes them to different firms’ hotlines, which adds to the confusion and dissatisfaction your customers will face. So, instead of ‘dogs’, for example, avoid using ‘dogz’. Learn more about: Affordable business toll free number service providers

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