How to get a vanity number

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how to get a vanity number

How to get a vanity number for your small business.

UniTel Voice can help you get a vanity phone number for your business today. Our custom toll free vanity number search tool can help you get a phone number that spells a word related to your business or industry. Use it to purchase a vanity number that you own with no strings attached.

FAQs on How to Buy a Vanity Number

How to Buy a Vanity 800 Number?

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A vanity toll free number is number that makes a word or a sentence using the alphabets on the numeric keypad of a phone. This makes it easier for the customers to remember the number. There are instances where a word is pre-fixed before the number. These phone numbers are known as phone words. The vanity numbers will help you develop your business and make it more visible and professional. Buying a vanity number has many benefits as it is very easy to remember and is very useful, especially for those companies who do majority of their business over the phone.

How to get a vanity number that spells a word?

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Many small businesses wonder how to get a vanity number? The answer is very simple, anyone can get a personal vanity number. The number you possess right now may have a vanity value, you have to check with the right sources to find out. If it doesn't work, get a new number which is also a vanity number. There are various tools to find out which of the prefixes are available for use and which ones are a good candidate for a vanity number.

What are some handy tips for picking the perfect vanity numbers?

Most of us find it difficult to pick the best vanity numbers, but in reality it is not such a difficult task. Here is a list of a few tips that you will helpful while choosing a vanity number for your business.

Communicate what your business deals in

Since the vanity numbers are nothing but an extension of your brand, you must make sure to communicate it properly so that the message gets across to the customer. Use your vanity number to tell the people what exactly you do. For instance 1800-CAR RENTALS. This will create no confusion as the customers will know that your agency deals in renting of cars.

Try to get a number that is easy to remember

Since all of us find it difficult to remember long phone numbers, make sure to use minimum digits and maximum letters. If possible avoid using numbers altogether. For example 1800-GREETING CARDS.

Stay away from hybrid numbers

Any additional numbers after 1800 prefix will only create more confusion as it is always a lot simpler to recall 1800-GoFedEx than 1800-986-ship. Your customers will have to remember the additional 986.

Avoid unique spellings as much as possible

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Avoid using alternate spellings for traditional words as it will negate the easy-to-remember aspect of such numbers. This is not the time for you to showcase your creativity as it will defeat the whole purpose. For instance using Kats when cats is already taken by someone else.

How to buy an affordable toll free vanity number?

get vanity number availability Most of the telephone companies have certain toll free numbers available for sale. UniTel Voice has access to any and all available vanity numbers in North America. And when you purchase a vanity 800 number from UniTel Voice you own the number no strings attached. You are not renting or leasing the number. However some phone companies have do rent and lease. You have the option to lease a number and the telephone companies will re-direct all the calls from the customers to your regular phone line. There is also a facility or a market where you can buy a temporary toll free number for a definite period of time within a particular area of operation. With the introduction of computer based telephony, the toll free number service providers like UniTel Voice have started to offer toll free 1800 numbers to their client at the most reasonable rates even for long distance calls. If everything fails, you can try your luck with other prefixes like 888, 866 or 800 and see if the number you like is available or not. These vanity toll free numbers are very useful and will give your business a lot more credibility.

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