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Getting a Cheap 800 Number for Your Business Telephone System

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Looking or an inexpensive business phone system for your startup company?

UniTel Voice is a low cost, affordable choice for toll free number service with business phone system features. We help small businesses and startups sound professional and stay connected. Getting an 800 number for your business has never been easier with our affordable small business telephone system. You can purchase 1800 number service cheap, and enjoy low cost high quality service Loaded with Amazing Telephone System Features. Sign Up Instantly. 30-Days Risk Free! No Contracts.

FAQs on Getting an 800 Number for Your Business Telephone System

What businesses can benefit from Toll Free Numbers?

business telephone systems Toll-free numbers are aired in 24 percent of the commercials on television, of which 57 percent of them are vanity numbers. Large corporations are known to propogandize their products and services by using toll-free numbers in their business telephone system. The fact that toll-free numbers do not charge their customers, relates to businesses' way of saying that they are take their customers seriously, and in providing quality services without asking the customer to shoulder any additional expenses for the same.

When should you consider getting an 800 number for your business?

getting an 800 number for your business Businesses that cater to an online audience should consider getting 800 numbers in their business telephone system. The online audience translates to a majority of the consumers today, who prefer resolving issues over a call rather than running up to a store to have it solved. Businesses that use the online platform to sell their services or products can provide a toll-free number so they know the company is reliable and can be trusted. This reduces the chances of potential customers not purchasing products online, as they are unsure about the credibility of the company, indirectly improving the businesses' returns.

Companies that have a major portion of their customer base pouring in from advertising efforts related to phone numbers, can improve their returns by using 800 numbers in business telephone systems. Toll-free numbers, apart from the apparent trustworthy edge that they bring in, reduce the calling costs of customers who are located in geographical locations different from that of the business. This allows the customers who are infuenced by marketing campaigns that are spread across different geographical locations to contact your business, without worrying about its cost implications. This can reflect on the conversion rates of your customer base.

Business that are looking at expanding their base across different cities should consider toll-free number for their business telephone system. Starting any business with a 800 number is a good choice, as it becomes easier to move it to other locations as the company grows, without altering the number each time. These numbers are portable, so companies can easily propagate the same numbers to customers, without changing it as they switch providers.

What are the advantages of getting an 800 numbers in business telephone system?

Any growing business can maximize its potential by using toll-free numbers. 800 numbers does not make callers bear the charges for making phone calls to the business using toll-free service, even if they make long-distance calls. Toll-free numbers also come with additional features such as voicemail and call-forwarding, which make the operations smoother. This can help in improving the customer support services of the organization.

Prospective customers are more likely to call if they need to make an inquiry in case a company has a toll-free number. The ease of access in communicating with a business, improves the chances of them purchasing your service or product, as they relate it with being trustworthy.

Many a times, businesses lose customers due to inadequacies or flaws in the services or products. Toll-free numbers provide an easy line of communication for you to get back in touch with your customer base on making improvement in your company's services or products. Also, if improper customer service has made you lose many customers previously, a toll-free number can help in winning back their trust. With toll-free numbers calls can be easily handled and passed from one line to the other, so the customer is not left waiting due to busy tones on the phone lines.

With toll-free numbers, calls can be transferred to cell phones, home phones and other office extensions, through different cities. This does not limit customers to a particular locality and helps businesses whose outreach stretches across different cities.

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