Comparing Onebox Competitors Pricing & Service

UniTel Voice is the Best Onebox Alternative for Small Businesses

Comparing Onebox Competitors UniTel Voice as a Onebox Alternative

Comparing Onebox Competitors: UniTel Voice as a Onebox Alternative

If you’re looking for Onebox Competitors, you’ve found one, UniTel Voice. When comparing the features of Onebox to UniTel Voice you’ll quickly see that the functionality and feature set offered is a competitive Onebox Alternative. It may be hard to determine which is the best small business phone service based on features alone. You’ll also notice that UniTel Voice is priced for startup companies, allow new small businesses to grow into larger plans, whereas Onebox only offers larger plans with higher minutes which may not be suitable for a startup company. And with UniTel Voice, all features including unlimited extensions and voicemails are included with every plan. Onebox has a different model that upsells you features as you go. However, the major difference between UniTel Voice and Onebox is customer service and support. Voice’s customer service is 100% USA-based and offers every account, large or small, individualized support via a personal setup session.

Looking for Onebox Competitors? You Should Check Out UniTel Voice as a Onebox Alternative and Here’s Why:

  • UniTel Voice offers low-cost plans priced and designed to grow with your company.
  • All UniTel Voice plans include unlimited extensions, voicemails, and all phone system features–no sneaky up selling.
  • UniTel Voice offers one-on-one personal setup support with a highly knowledgeable USA-based Account Manager to help you get setup, at no extra cost.
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Comparing Onebox Competitors UniTel Voice as a Onebox Alternative

Review Onebox Competitors: UniTel Voice as a Onebox Alternative FAQs

Onebox Alterative top Onebox competitors When looking for Onebox competitors, one should definitely check out UniTel Voice. When it comes to pricing and functionality UniTel Voice and Onebox are tremendously competitive. When it comes to customer service, UniTel Voice beats Onebox, in our humble opinion, out for one reason. UniTel Voice offers a one-one-one setup session for every customer level, even plans starting at $7.99 per month. And when you call UniTel Voice, you’ll speak with one of our employees who wants to assist you and solve your problem.

UniTel Voice is an exceptional Onebox Alterative. Onebox offers a virtual PBX telephone system that has similar features to UniTel Voice’s Virtual Office Phone System. Like UniTel Voice, Onebox provides both local and Toll free 800 numbers and gives customers the ability to setup an auto attendant, employee and department ACD extensions, and voicemail to email. And although functionality is similar between the two telephone companies, service and support and pricing is different. Unlike Onebox whose offers larger minute plans with different features, UniTel Voice offers low cost plans with the same features as UniTel Voice’s larger plans. This allows startup companies who sign up with UniTel Voice to grow into larger plans. UniTel Voice has 100% USA-based customer service and support. Each UniTel Voice customer gets a personal account manager to help them get setup, no matter how big or small they are. Account managers get their very own personal account manager to help them setup their greetings, extensions, and voicemail. UniTel Voice also includes free professional voice studio at no extra cost. Additionally, UniTel Voice is a cloud-based PBX virtual telephone system, but it is not VoIP. The calls carried by UniTel Voice’s Virtual Office Phone System are carried over POTs lines, so the call quality is more stable than VoIP service providers.
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