Phone Solutions for Small Business

How to get an 800 number for your business telephone numbers

business telephone numbers

Set up a call forwarding phone number that forwards to any phone, extension, or voicemail.

Learn how to get an 800 number for your business telephone numbers. UniTel Voice provides phone solutions for small business. Phone system features included:

  • Custom Greetings
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Unlimited Call Handling
  • Unlimited Extensions & Call Forwarding
  • Call Screening & Announcement
  • Voicemail & Fax to Email
  • Virtual Faxing
  • And more...

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FAQs on Business Telephone Numbers

Leveraging Your Business with 800 Numbers

business telephone numberToll-free numbers were found in the year 1967. Initially, organizations wanted to get an 800 number for business as they served the purpose of eliminating call charges for customers who were making long-distance calls. Toll-free services first grew popular in the 80's, as business everywhere began to realize the potential advantages of adopting them in their systems.

The demand for 800 numbers skyrocketed, owing to the wide range of benefits they offered, and companies soon ran out of 800 numbers. Since then, numbers such as “866”, “877”, “888” and others have surfaced as alternative prefixes. Today, toll-free numbers are used by consumers to clarify product or service related queries, or to make purchases on the same, without baring any call charges. Learn more about: How to Get an 800 number

Are 800 business telephone numbers effective?

phone solutions for small businessHere are some statistics that show the effectiveness of 800 numbers as phone solutions for small business. About 90 percent of Americans say that they frequently use 800 numbers. It is said that the response rate of a product with an 800 number ad, increases by 30 percent or more. A survey conducted by an advertising agency, found that the response rate of businesses that use 800 numbers in comparison to those that use regular numeric numbers showed a tenfold difference with 800 number bearing businesses emerging in the lead.

The recall rates of vanity numbers amongst customers is improved by 84 percent with a 9 fold difference when compared to other broadcast ads. Also, 58 percent of the respondents said that they prefer toll-free numbers to their local numeric counterparts. Learn more about: Phone number 800 forwarding service

How can 800 business telephone number help in improving the customer-business relationship?

get an 800 number for business

  • Toll-free numbers may have been popularized by big corporations, but businesses of all sizes are starting to incorporate them to improve their image. Companies that come with toll-free numbers are often identified with being reputed and reliable companies, employing which could give entreprenurial ventures and small businesses an appreciable improvement in their customer numbers.

  • Business that offer great services and products, often go unnoticed because the customer does not have an easy way to reach out to the business in case they have to voice their feedback, or have their queries clarified, or make a purchase. The customer-business dynamics can be improved through toll-free numbers as it gives the customer a platform to reach out to the businesses on any day, irrespective of the time, without bearing a single penny. This improves the customer satisfactions, improving the numbers of potential customers while keeping the current line of customers on board.
  • Vanity numbers have better retention rates than traditional numbers. The likeliness of potential customers calling a business are high with vanity numbers as recollecting numbers with business associated words is easier than a set of digits. This makes toll-free business telephone numbers a lucrative choice.

Toll-free numbers as phone solutions for small business

how to get an 800 number for your businessSmall businesses may function just fine with a regular cellphone or a landline service. But as the business starts to expand, a regular landline or cellphone, no longer makes the cut. Switching numbers and updating the same on websites, business cards and other marketing platforms becomes a hassle, taking up money and time. Call forwarding, voicemails and such soon becomes a requirement and most of them decide to get an 800 number for business.

Toll-free business telephone numbers are portable, meaning, they can be transferred to the required service as and when the business relocates or advances without affecting the customers. The location is barely a concern and businesses can change providers with ease.

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