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FAQs about Buying a Toll Free Number 800 Service

What are the Benefits of Purchasing 1800 Number for Small Businesses?

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What are the different 1800 phone service available to businesses?

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There are a lot of benefits of using a 1800 phone service. One of the benefits is the many flexible plans available to the businesses. A business will normally have five different payment plans to choose from – traditional, pay as you go, plus, pro and premium. All these plans have some great features for the customers except for the traditional toll free number service. There is one feature where you will get a voice receptionist which is nothing but an automated voice recording that guides the customer about the various numbers to press to get a specific service such as 1 for English, 2 for French. This service is a very convenient tool for a customer, as their call is directed to a specific employee of the business who can help solve their issue. Call forwarding is another useful feature of a toll free number. Since there is no particular area code for 1800 number, businesses can easily shift their area of activity to any other part of the world without having to change their toll free number.

How do determine whether an 1800 toll free number is available or not

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You can easily search for an 1800 toll free number on the internet and see whether it is available or not. There are a number of online directories and websites that features the list of 1800 phone numbers which are available for sale. Unitel Voice is one such organization that sells 1800 toll free numbers to small businesses. They also have vanity toll free numbers which are nothing but the 1800 number followed by a word or expression that is connected to the particular business. For instance, 1800-COMPUTER REPAIR for a company that provides computer repair services.

How does a 1-800 phone number help promote a business?

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Having a toll free number is an extraordinary way of promoting any business. It helps the customer to match the toll free number with a particular service being provided. An 1800 phone service number followed by a phrase or a word in it can not only be identified easily, but it is also easy for the customers to remember. It is essential that all small businesses opt for a toll free number that is easy for customers to understand. Businesses who have toll free numbers which are easy to remember will have better chances of getting more customers to get in touch with their business. By doing so, they will be able to improve and spread out their operations thanks to the response given to them by their customers.

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