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Affordable Small Business PBX Phone Systems Priced and Designed for entrepreneurs.

UniTel Voice offers inexpensive yet powerful small business PBX phone systems that allow entrepreneurs to run their business from their cell phone, yet sound professional like a Fortune 500 company. UniTel Voice business phone system PBX includes the ability to set up greetings, extensions, and voicemail. You can even send and receive faxes, set up conference calls and use call recoding with our cloud-based business phone system PBX. UniTel Voice is a complete small office telephone system for entrepreneurs.

FAQs on Small Business PBX Phone Systems

Why There is a Need for Small Business PBX

small business pbx phone system Many large offices around the world need a way to communicate with each other within the branch as well as other branches. Making calls from an external line to another external line will only add to the expenses of the the firm. In order to reduce this cost, these offices opt for another mode of communication called PBX (Private Branch Exchange). This business pbx phone system allows the office to connect with one another through the main pbx server via extensions. Every employee in the company will require a phone so that they communicate with a client or a manager in the same branch. Therefore, business pbx phone systems help theses offices filter external calls from the server to the various employees of the company.

How does a small business pbx telephone system work?

business pbx phone systems A pbx phone system is very simple concept to understand for any size of business. A small business pbx phone system is a connection of different phone lines within the company. Generally in an office, there is a phone for each employee. All of the employees' phones are connected to one server. From that server, any call that comes to the company can be directed to any employee in the firm based on their extension number. The company can also use the small business pbx to communicate with other employees in the firm. Companies that have large offices will find it difficult to connect with other employees in different departments. Thus, a small business pbx phone system will help connect the employee from one department in the office with another.

Why should small businesses use virtual pbx telephone system?

small business pbx phone systems Every small business' main goal is to reduce the amount of expenses incurred while increasing the revenues generated. These businesses rely on constant communication with their customers and potential clients in order to increase the rate of revenue generated for the business. A small business pbx phone system allows these businesses to keep in touch with other employees in the company at all times as well as their customers. These small business pbx phone systems work in a different way in comparison to regular phones. Instead of typing a six to ten digit number, a small business pbx phone only requires three or four digits in order to for the call to be connected. The reason there are so few digits is that it makes it easier for the internal team to remember their colleagues' numbers. Even when an external customer is calling the pbx line, the number can be routed to a sales executive using a call extension.

Benefits of a pbx phone system for small businesses

small business pbx phone One of the major benefits that a small business pbx phone offers for a startup is that it reduces the internal calling costs. A startup that has an office will need to have its employees in constant conversation with one another even if they are 10 meters away. A pbx line makes it easier for an employee to pick up the phone, dial three digits for the respective employee or manager and strike a conversation. These phone systems also have a virtual receptionist which allows the customer to be directed to a sales executive or a customer relationship manager. The phones in the company will have different extension numbers with blinking lights to show that there is call waiting. Any available sales executive can then pick up the call and speak with the client directly. Thus, the business will always be able to pick up a call from a customer and in turn, the company can generate more revenue.

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