Get Small Business Phone Service for Your Company

How to Get Small Business Phone Service for Your Startup Company

Small Business Phone Service

Small Business Phone Service

Trying to determine which small business phone service is right for your company can be a challenge. You may consider getting business VoIP phone service or a virtual office phone system that works with your existing phones (e.g. cell phone, home telephone, etc.). Virtual phone systems do not require the internet like VoIP business phone service. However, some small business VoIP service providers offer both small business phone service options. You may consider getting the lowest cost option and then upgrading at a later time. Either solution will save your company time and money. Just a few years ago most companies had to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a traditional PBX office telephone system. Now for as little as $7.99 per month you can have all the power of an expensive phone system without the cost or need for equipment. This low barrier to entry makes this small office telephone solution perfect for start-up companies, home-based businesses, and small business with remote employees working in multiple locations.

What is the best small business phone service option?

  • VoIP business phone service is an affordable option.
  • Business VoIP phone service requires minimal investment.
  • Hosted business phone systems require no equipment.

Small Business Phone Service

What is the best small business phone service for my start-up company?

Whether you’re a big company or a home-based startup you need to sound professional when customers call your business. However, that does not mean you need to get an expensive phone system with complex equipment to maintain. Business VoIP phone service or virtual PBX service is the best small business phone service option for you because it’s affordable and scalable. As your business grows, you can easily expand your business telephone system. If you decided to open multiple office locations – you can simple add an extension on to your VoIP business phone service. With VoIP business phone service it doesn’t matter if your employees are all under one roof!

What is the difference between business VoIP phone service and a virtual phone system?

The primary difference between business VoIP phone service and a virtual phone system is the need for equipment and the ability to make outbound calls. Virtual phone systems don’t require any equipment because they work with your existing telephones, however making outbound calls may be an issue. With UniTel Voice you can have the best of both worlds. UniTel Voice has made it possible for people to use its small business virtual phone system to make outbound calls via a smart phone app.

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