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Why does UniTel Voice provide the Best Small Business Phone Services?

UniTel Voice offers affordable small business phone service priced and designed for startups, home-based businesses, and small business owners who run their business from their cell phone. UniTel Voice is one of the best business phone service providers for entrepreneurs because there’s no equipment, no contracts to sign, no setup fees to pay. UniTel Voice transforms your existing phones (home phone, cell phone, whatever) into a full-blown professional small business PBX telephone system – one of the finest telephone system for small business for your money.

FAQs & Topics: Small Business Phone Services

Why Offices Need Business Phone Services

small business phone services In this competitive world, there are many companies that are vying with each other in order to grab the attention of their customers. Customers are generally drawn to businesses that offer a wide variety of quality products and services. However, there are companies that out there which grab the attention of the customers even though their products and services are not that great. Their secret lies in their effective internal management. These companies use toll free numbers to encourage customers to call their business more often. As the cost of the call is not borne by the party making the call but by the party receiving it, the trend has increased the frequency of calls to businesses by customers. If you are looking for the best phone service for small business PBX system – give UniTel Voice a try. You won’t be sorry.

Using Small Business Phone Services for Internal communication

Businesses that are rated highly around the world have one thing in common; they have a well-connected network of offices and branches. Internal communication plays a vital role in the selling of products and services. Every department needs to be aware of each segment of the sales process in order to increase the supply of goods and services. Small business phone services give the opportunity for businesses to attract more customers to buy their products. Business phone service or PBX (private branch exchange) is a connection of phone lines within the company. Each employee is given a phone line and an extension code. Other employees and managers who wish to communicate with each other need only dial the person's extension code so that they can get connected. Therefore, businesses can increase their efficiency and productivity internally when they are equipped with business phone services.

Filtering calls with small business telephone services

One of the great features about business phone services is that this service allows the company to filter out external calls from the internal ones. Customers will call the business a number of times, especially when the company has a toll free number, and therefore, it is important to have a phone service. The phone service has a feature called a virtual receptionist. Just like an ordinary receptionist, a virtual receptionist will direct the external call through the pbx server to a customer relationship manager or sales executive.

Small business phone systems with virtual receptionist functionality

The virtual receptionist is a pre-recorded voice which directs the customer from the company's menu to the location they would like to go. Generally customers will want to speak to a customer relationship manager because a problem they have faced. The virtual receptionist will tell the customer to press a certain button for any one of their services such as product difficulties, customer relationship management, etc. Small business phone services are highly effective as customers who are directed properly to an employee or manager will continue to buy the company's products or services.

Affordable small business phone services for startups and home-based businesses

Many would think that having business phone services in their office will be a costly affair. However, the cost of a small business phone services is actually relatively low. There are many companies in the market today who provide a range of business phone services and as a way to differentiate them from the rest, they have cut their prices to seem more lucrative to other businesses. These phone service providers ensure that they provide all features and services of a business phone service such as a virtual receptionist, call forwarding, unlimited extensions and unlimited call capacity. Not only can the service be used on the regular landlines, there are companies that allow the calls to be directed and managed from a smartphone or mobile device. Some of the business services in the market nowadays are starting as low as $20 a month for their services.

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