Get a Small Business VoIP PBX

How to Get a Small Business VoIP PBX for Your Growing Company

Small Business VoIP PBX

Small Business VoIP PBX

Getting a small business VoIP PBX for your growing company is a smart move. Traditional small business telephone systems are expensive and require installing and maintaining complex equipment on location. However, small business VoIP PBX services are cloud-based. They are hosted off site so there is no closet full of phone equipment to hassle with. The only telecommunication equipment your office will need is an internet connection and some IP-phones. Another great thing about small office voice over IP PBX systems is scalability. As your business grows, so can your phone system. Adding additional lines, phones, or users is incredibly fast and easy with small business VoIP PBX systems. You can literally add an additional telephone line or get a toll free number in seconds. And if your company opens another office you can connect the all offices with one business telephone system using a virtual PBX service such as business VoIP.

Three reasons to get a small business VoIP PBX:

  • Small business VoIP PBX services are affordable and easy to implement.
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and hosted PBX telephone systems require no equipment other than IP-phones.
  • VoIP PBX systems for small businesses are scalable and can expand as the business grows.

Small Business VoIP PBX

Why should I get a small business VoIP PBX?

In short, a small business VoIP PBX is affordable, scalable, and easily implementable. Like all hosted PBX VoIP telephone systems for small business, there’s no onsite complex or expensive PBX equipment you have to manage or pay to maintain. Traditional PBX business phone system maintenance fees can cost thousands of dollars a year. Before small business VoIP PBX solutions even a small company’s initial phone system implementation would cost tens of thousands of dollars. And if your small business opened another office or had remote employees (who worked from home or worked from the road) you could not connect them to your main office phone system.

How does a small business VoIP PBX telephone system work?

Business VoIP uses your existing high speed internet connection to make and receive calls. You also may consider implementing a QoS (Quality of Service) device on your internet router. This device ensures that the internet bandwidth is prioritized to your IP-phones. Therefore if there is a drop in the speed of your internet connection your email (for example) would slow down before affecting the call quality of your small business VoIP PBX telephone service. The good news is your phone system will never go down because it is a cloud-based PBX phone service hosted off site on redundant servers.

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