Small Office Telephone System for Small Business

Everything you need to know about small business phone service

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Why choose a Small Office Telephone System from UniTel Voice?

UniTel voice offers a small office telephone system designed and priced for small businesses, home-based businesses, and start-up companies. You can get an automated telephone system with amazing phone system features like the ability to set up greetings, extensions, and voicemails. Small business phone telephone systems from UniTel Voice require no contracts, no equipment, and no software. Our small office telephone systems are easy to use and make changes to and can be completely managed online 24/7.

FAQs on Small Office Phone Systems for Small Businesses

How to Set Up Your Office Telephone System

telephone system for small business Irrespective of what line of business you're in, interacting with the customer is an important aspect towards growth. While a local number may work out fine, getting a toll-free number for your office telephone system can take you a step closer to building a meaningful relationship with your customers. Toll free numbers, more commonly known as 800 numbers, operate in a way such that the caller doesn't get charged. The charges are purely borne by subscribers of the toll-free number. So, when a customer thinks about contacting a business, they will readily do so as they do not have to bother about call expenses. Interacting with customers can shed some light on possible areas to work on and help in sorting out their complaints and inquiries. This can help in building their trust in the organization or the brand.

Getting a toll free number for your office telephone system

telephone system small business Toll-free numbers have gained popularity among small and big businesses alike. Decades ago, when toll-free numbers first came into picture, the only existent toll free numbers were the 800 numbers. After a couple of years, the demand for toll-free numbers became so high that service providers had exhausted all the 800 numbers. This is when 888 numbers were introduced, following which, 855, 866 and 877 numbers have come to the fore. Toll-free numbers can be obtained either through service providers or entities called “Responsible organizations”. “RespOrgs” are certified by the database administrator and have access to a database of all toll-free service numbers. On contacting a service provider or RespOrg, you can obtain a toll-free number for your organization. Entities can reserve numbers based on the requirement of the subscribers. But hoarding or brokering toll-free numbers is illegal and is liable to penalties.

Why toll free numbers?

small office telephone system Toll free numbers are a good option to use as office telephone system as they are portable, which means, the subscriber has the lenience to switch between service providers without changing his toll-free number. The subscriber can also choose extension plans from the service provider, as and when required. Vanity numbers are growing in popularity amongst many businesses. These numbers are toll-free numbers that can accommodate a word or an acronym that can be related to the line of business. Their growing popularity is due to the fact that the consumer can easily decipher what a business is about by looking at the vanity number and also, it is easier to recollect. Businesses often choose catchy vanity numbers to grab the customers' attention.

Advantages of employing toll-free numbers in telephone system for small business

Toll-free numbers have numerous benefits especially as the office telephone system. While many people today, are skeptical about the use of toll-free numbers due to the rise of e-commerce, facts and figures say otherwise. Customers have grown comfortable with using a toll-free service to contact businesses regarding any issues they face. A survey shows that 90% of the customers use toll-free numbers regularly in America. The survey also says that customers are 30% more likely to respond to an advertisement through a toll-free number. Businesses can bank on this and use it to bring in new customers. It is said that product returns can brought down by nearly 50% by using toll-free numbers to resolve customer queries. A good customer support, not only affects the product purchases, but also makes the customer trust the brand better. Fancy vanity numbers are being used by many businesses as an effective strategy to rope in new customers and get the word out about their businesses. Aside from these figures, customers are said to associate a business with a toll-free number as one with high credibility.

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