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Small Office Telephone Systems for Small Businesses on a Budget

If you are looking for Small Office Telephone Systems for Small Businesses you come to the right place. UniTel Voice offers affordable small business telephone systems that require no setup fees, no contracts, and no equipment. You can purchase a small business phone system or less than $10 per month and sound like a Fortune 500 company. Try the best small office phone system today on a 30 day risk free trial.

FAQs about Small Office Telephone Systems for Small Businesses

Toll-free Numbers aid Office Telephone Systems

IMAGE Toll-free numbers are effectively changing how businesses today operate. Often, customers are keen on contacting a business whose product/ service they have used, but shy away from doing so as the call charges are pretty steep. A toll free number can aid the telephone system for business in such cases. When a customer knows that the business they're trying to contact has a toll-free number, they readily pick up the phone to call them as they don't have to worry about any call expenses. Installing a toll-free number can help in making the customer-business relationship more active and productive. A toll-free number is often associated with a well-established company, which explains why so many companies are resorting to acquiring a toll-free number as a crucial step towards progress. These numbers, often referred to as 1800 numbers, are being sought out by both small and large businesses.

How do toll-free numbers work?

IMAGE Unlike conventional telephone operations, the caller does not pay while calling a toll-free number. These numbers work in such a way that the person who subscribes for the toll-free number bears all the call charges. Toll-free numbers can obtained through service providers. Service providers give out these numbers at reasonable prices to small office telephone systems. On getting a toll free number, the business must choose a local telephone to which the incoming calls can get routed out. Many service providers offer customized plans and extension plans to businesses. They also provide voicemail and call-forwarding options on these numbers. Companies, both small and large, feel that toll-free numbers are a lucrative option in spite of their costs as it helps in expanding their business.

How to choose a toll free number for office telephone systems

IMAGE There are a variety of toll-free number options to choose from. It typically varies based on how the number begins. Toll-free numbers start with 800, 888, 877, 866 and 855 numbers. You can get these numbers, as desired, from any service provider. 800 numbers are usually more expensive when compared to the others as they are not as easily available. Another popular choice amongst businesses is the vanity number. These numbers give you the provision to choose a few words as part of your toll-free number,that would relate to the business you are operating in. For instance, if you're looking at getting a vanity number for your shoe business, you could choose a vanity number like, 1-800-SHOES. This would translate to dialing,1-800-7777 44 666 33 7777. The advantage of using a vanity number is it is easy to remember and the customer can easily relate to the service being provided through the number.

Why you should use toll-free numbers in office telephone systems

telephone systems for small businesses Toll-free numbers help office telephone systems, as they are free of cost to callers and make it easier for customers to call you from all over the country. They don't have to think twice about the call expenses that come with it as the company bears all the call charges. Also, getting a feedback on your product or service can help in strategizing and improving your business accordingly. A company that has a toll-free number is often seen as a professional one. It can help in generating new leads when potential customers call you with inquiries and helps in building trust with your previous customers as they know they can rely on you. This way, you can build strong ties with your customer base. Toll-free numbers can also aid in making your business centralized. Having employees who work from different corners of the country is no longer a hassle, as you function with a single contact number.

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