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Toll Free Exchanges

Toll Free Prefixes List

Here’s a complete toll free area codes list of exchanges:

UniTel voice provides small business phone service and 800 toll free business numbers loaded with amazing features like the ability to set up greetings, extensions and voicemail. You can choose from a toll free number prefix list with the following toll free area codes (also called toll free exchanges):

  • Toll Free 800 area code (800 number exchange)
  • Toll Free 888 area code exchange (888 number exchange)
  • Toll Free 877 area code exchange (877 number exchange)
  • Toll Free 866 area code exchange (866 number exchange)
  • Toll Free 855 area code exchange (855 number exchange)
  • Toll Free 844 area code exchange (844 number exchange)
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Toll Free Prefixes List

Questions about Toll Free Area Codes and Toll Free Exchanges

In a competitive world, it is simply not enough to place your phone number in an advertising campaign. You will need something extra to stand out in front of the crowd and nothing can help your business better than toll free exchanges. These numbers are a great marketing asset and can prove to be a crucial element when it comes to your advertising strategy. Toll free numbers obtained from toll free area code list can make a huge difference in terms of the response you can get on your ad campaign and provide you with high quality sales leads. However, before getting your business a new toll free number, you need to know about some of the most frequently asked questions regarding these toll free area codes.

toll free exchanges Toll free numbers with any form of vanity extension or any form of area code does not require the installation of any special system or phone to make it available for your customers. In fact, these unique phone numbers can be implemented on your existing phone system. You can also convert your existing phone into a toll free number. All you need to do is direct your service provider to the designated phone which you wish to ring when someone dials your toll free number. You can also assign this number for multiple phones so your customer service can serve a large volume of customers instantaneously.
Local businesses may often face a problem of receiving calls from all over the nation when they use a nation wide toll free number. However, if you cater to only a specific region, you can do so with the regional toll free numbers that make use of toll free area codes. There are some service providers who cater only on a regional basis to help you with the process of set up. You can also specify the areas that you advertise your number in and you will not be charged for calls that you receive outside your designated region.

Toll free numbers can be routed to several different locations at a time using specialized routing services from the service provider. As a result, you can direct the calls that you receive directly to the nearest store or outlet and serve your customers better. You can also chose for the calls to be received at a central location and then route them to the local store where the caller can be served in a better manner. In addition to this, you can also use automated messages to guide your callers to choose the routing destination on their own. There are several different methods available to route calls and depending on your business needs, you can choose the method best suited to serve your customers.

Call tracking and recording are some of the necessary functions that provide you with additional benefits when using a toll free number. These facilities make sure that your call can be tracked to the caller and you can call them back if a need arises. These facilities also make it easier to route calls to the right locations. Recording services can help you get the necessary feedback and help train new customer service representatives in handling calls efficiently and effectively. However, these facilities are not offered by every kind of service provider. Some providers only provide you with the toll free number while others may charge you a premium for these value added services and other may simply provide all of these features in one package.

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