Toll Free Prefixes List

Here’s a quick list of all available 800 number toll free prefixes

Toll Free Prefixes List

Is 855 a Toll Free Number?

The FCC in conjunction with the National SMS 800 Database have authorized and issued the following official toll free number prefixes:

Are 855 Numbers Toll Free?

  • 800 toll free prefix
  • 888 toll free prefix
  • 877 toll free prefix
  • 866 toll free prefix
  • 855 toll free prefix
  • 844 Toll Free Prefix Announcement! The FCC is Scheduled to Release the Newest Toll Free Prefix 844 on December 7, 2013! Learn How You Can Submit a Request Now to Pre-Order 844 Toll Free Numbers & 844 Vanity Numbers before they are released to the general public!

This toll free prefixes list is current as of 2013. All toll free number prefixes are regulated and function the same way. The numbers on this toll free prefixes list do not have different CC toll free number portability rules. They all work the same way the traditional 800 number prefix works. All toll free number service providers serving as FFC authorized RespOrgs can secure and provide toll free number services using the above toll free prefixes list. You may get toll free numbers with all of the above toll free prefixes from authorized toll free service providers such as UniTel Voice.

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Toll Free Prefixes List

Toll Free Prefixes List

Yes, UniTel Voice has a limited number of true 800 number prefixes available for instant signup.

No, as of 2013 844 toll free numbers have not been released by the SMS 800 National Database. The most recent toll free number prefix to be released was the 855 toll free number prefix in 2010.
The FCC and the National SMS 800 Database have set a date for the release of the 844 toll free number prefix for December 7 2013. Check back with us soon to Reserve Your 844 Toll Free Number.
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