Get Toll Free Telephone Numbers for Your Small Business

How to Get Toll Free Telephone Numbers for Your Small Business

Toll Free Telephone Numbers

1-800 Toll Free Telephone Numbers

Toll free telephone numbers for small businesses are still relevant today for many reasons. First if you get a toll free number it makes it easier for customers to call your business because it removes the burden of long distance fees, making it free to call (granted toll free lines are less important for this reason now and days because of cell phone use and unlimited calling plans). Second, if you buy 800 number services, it gives your company a more professional image. Whether you’re a fortune 500 company or a home-based business start-up, there’s no question that just having a toll free number can give your small business a nationwide presence and a sense of credibility. Finally, and most importantly, the main reason to get toll free telephone numbers is portability.

Why is portability the main reason to get toll free telephone numbers?

  • If you move locations you can take your 1800 toll free telephone numbers with you.
  • If your phone company increases their toll free rates you can move your 800 phone number to another provider.
  • You own your toll free 800 number with no strings.

What is a Toll Free Telephone Number?

Why should my small business get 1-800 toll free telephone numbers?

You want to get a 1-800 toll free phone number for your small business because of portability. What is toll free number portability? Toll free telephone numbers are specially controlled by the FCC to protect small business owners. Portability means you can move your business’s toll free number from one Phone Company to another freely. Phone companies can’t hold your number hostage.

How do I get toll free telephone numbers for my small business?

It depends on what kind of service you would like. The two most common 1800 toll free telephone number service options are traditional toll free number service or toll free service enhanced with phone system features like the virtual office phone system by UniTel Voice. The good news is UniTel Voice has both! And we offer more features at a lower price than other toll free service providers.

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