Best Business Phone System PBX for Small Companies

Top Business Phone Systems for startups and home-based offices

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UniTel Voice’s business phone system PBX is one of the top choices

UniTel Voice offers one of the best business phone system PBX services in the industry. And here’s why it’s a top choice for small businesses, startup companies, and the best small business phone system entrepreneurs on the go.

Topics & FAQs on The Best Business Phone System PBX for Virtual Offices

What is the Best Business Phone System for Startups

business phone system pbx There are a number of effective phone systems to choose from. Purchasing a cloud based phone system is a good idea. Digital PBX services make up for best business phone system. All these systems help you reduce your company costs while tending to consumer needs. Installing traditional lines often pose a number of issues. They are limited by their hardware, for one. However, there are more important failures as well. They have high costs of hardware and installation, they require to be manned at all points, and they cannot receive more than one call at the same time. This makes it expensive for small companies, and it diminishes consumer experience with the organization. Plus these phone systems can help your business in many ways.

Is it true that online phone systems sound bad?

top business phone systems This is true only in some cases. It is important to know that disturbances and bad quality phone calls through the Internet are caused by excessive traffic running between communication lines. Private connections that go to single networks seldom have the problem of quality. You can improve your quality substantially by simply eliminating Internet traffic. This is why many existing communication services have poor sound quality. In the case of business however, it is important to set up your own private network so that none of your consumers have issues with the call quality.

What happens when you face network trouble?

There is no major consequence of a network failure. It is advisable to get yourself a backup connection so that you do not have to have unnecessary downtime due to a simple network issue. If you do face such a problem however, top business phone systems will automatically reroute to the backup system that is installed. Your customers will still receive support through artificial operators. Calls will also be redirected to your mobile phones if you have programmed them to. This gives you additional time until your Internet is back.

What do you do when the power is out?

You will face no trouble if you get a backup generator. However, if you do come to such a scenario and cannot connect to the Internet because of it, you still have nothing to worry about. Just as before, your calls will be directed to voicemail, interactive artificial operators, and your personal mobile phone. All this gives you the additional time required to get your systems functioning again. All this is far better damage control in comparison to when you have an offline system. When the power goes out in this case, your buyers will get a busy tone at the most. Being redirected provides far better customer support.

Can you make calls between multiple locations?

It certainly is. If you have multiple locations, business phone system PBX allows you to make calls between remote locations with ease. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a top choice for start-up business telephone system needs. You will find that your entire process is simplified by best business phone system. The initial cost of such a high-tech system may seem high at first. However, if you consider the amount that you save over the long run, you will find that they investment is worth the money. You will save on unnecessary hardware, and your system can never depreciate because the entire operation is on the Internet. Also you virtual phone systems work with any telephones, you can receive calls on your home, office or cell phone – no additional equipment is needed.

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