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vanity phone numbers for sale

Are you looking to buy a custom vanity telephone number for your business?

Search for vanity phone numbers for sale right here. You can search 800 number availability using the UniTel Voice Toll Free Number Search Tool. Just click the Pricing & Signup button. If you find the perfect vanity number you can Sign up instantly. 30-Days Risk Free! No Contracts.

Features included:

  • Custom Greetings
  • Unlimited Extensions & Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail & Fax to Email
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Questions on searching for available 800 numbers?

Where can I find vanity Phone Numbers for Sale?

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Vanity numbers aid the growth of businesses both large and small. The basic idea behind vanity numbers is to allow customers to search business by phone number. The exclusivity and product/service association that vanity numbers provide, makes it easy for potential and new customers to contact the business to purchase their products or services. Vanity numbers are also excellent tools to strategically market a business.
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How do vanity numbers work?

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Vanity numbers are alpha-numeric combinations which act as an effective point of contact by relating a product or service to a business. There are a wide range of vanity phone numbers for sale from numerous service providers but they should be chosen so customers can easily search business by phone number. Vanity numbers typically begin with prefixes like 800, 877 or such, followed by words related to the business. For instance, 800-PETS would translate to dialing 800-7338-7777. Remembering 800-PETS is far easier than recollecting its numeric counterpart. So if a customer needs to buy a pet animal, he can immediately dial 800-PETS, provided he is already aware of a business with such a number. The chances of a customer remembering the numeric sequence is a lot lesser, which would in turn cause a company to miss out on a potential customer if it does not register itself an exclusive vanity number. In the long run, marketing vanity numbers to potential audiences can improve response numbers drastically, helping a business grow.
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What are the perks of owning a vanity number?

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  • Recollection rates of vanity numbers are far higher than those of regular numbers. A business's number can be easily tied to their corresponding area of expertise through vanity numbers. This can improve the response rates of the customers by nearly 30 to 60 percent.
  • Businesses do not have to entirely rely on local phone number listings or other business phone number databases to be accessible to customers. The right marketing platform can have the business's numbers easily embedded in the customer's minds so they can dial it off the top of their head the next time they require the service.
  • Vanity numbers act as branding tags to businesses. It does not require exclusive detailed advertising on its part, as even a billboard or a vehicle wrap holding out the easy-to-recollect number is sufficient for customers to understand the service offered by a business.
  • When customers notice that a business has an exclusive vanity number, it immediately translates to being a reliable business in their minds. This especially gives an edge to small businesses that want to get noticed. A regular number makes them appear as just another company while a vanity number gives them a professional edge.
  • Word-of-mouth advertising is much more predominant with vanity numbers. The referral rates increase with vanity numbers as they are easy to recollect, helping a business to strengthen and add to its customer base. Learn more about: Business Toll Free Vanity Numbers Available

Vanity phone numbers for sale - how to pick?

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  • When service providers put up vanity numbers for sale, businesses should carry out a vanity phone numbers search to arrive at a number that is relevant to their business.
  • A business should search 800 number availability, to find a number that easily conveys the product or service that it offers.
  • A common mistake many businesses make when they conduct a vanity phone numbers lookup is to pick hybrid numbers or ones with unique spelling. Search available 800 numbers for a number that uses conventional spelling without any hybrid combinations, so customers do not face any troubles while recollecting them.

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