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Get Virtual PBX Services Priced & Designed for Small Business Owners and Startup Entrepreneur.

UniTel Voice offers all the power of a processional hosted phone system without the need to download PBX software or install hosted telephone service equipment. Sign Up Instantly. 30-Days Risk Free! No Contracts.
Virtual PBX Features included:

  • Custom Greetings
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Unlimited Call Handling
  • Unlimited Extensions & Call Forwarding
  • Call Screening & Announcement
  • Voicemail & Fax to Email
  • And more...

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FAQs on Hosted PBX Services

How to do I choose and set up a virtual PBX service?

virtual pbx services
Small businesses have a wide range of phone systems to choose from while looking for solutions to make their business interactions effective and efficient. A hosted phone system or a virtual PBX software is one such system that suits small businesses. A virtual PBX service provides numerous features to manage calls such as call recording, call forwarding and call recording amongst others. These systems provide companies with a user-friendly communication interface that can efficiently handle customer calls with ease.
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Why should small businesses pick a virtual PBX service?

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Virtual PBX services offer functional features that can aid smooth functioning of call manipulations and customer interactions. Call waiting, voice-mail, call distribution and call conferencing are a few mentionable features that serve the purpose. Auto-attendant options enable companies to enhance customer phone interactions through live attendants who greet the callers with customized welcome messages. Moreover, the routing options enable businesses to transfer customer calls to different lines without sending a busy tone. Callers are also given other options on the menu that organize call contacts by extension, name or other categories.
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What are the benefits of a hosted system?

Hosted phone system
A hosted telephone service comes with zero maintenance charges. Furthermore, they benefit from cost cuts that sprout from installation of additional equipment for the virtual service, as the equipment is housed in the service provider's office and not in that of the company availing the service. Companies can handle numerous calls from infinite users without making additional payments as they only pay for the number of phone lines installed. Calls can be handled across different geographical regions and be re-directed to any number, based on the working location, through virtual PBX software.
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How do I choose the right virtual PBX services for my small business?

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Businesses should first decide on the nature of the phone number that will represent their brand. It could be a local number, a toll-free number, or a vanity number, based on the requirements of the business. Business should pick a hosted phone system that offers call-forwarding and voice-mail options if they are mobile and constantly on the move, most of the time. Businesses which operate internationally should have their calls forwarded accordingly to international phone numbers. The employee numbers govern the requirements of the plan, such as the number of minutes and extensions. Services that provide affordable plans to small businesses and install additional extensions as and when they grow at minimal charges, are effective choices. A company can also choose between plans by seeing how many minutes are required for the interaction. A provision to receive faxes on virtual phone numbers is another handy feature that businesses should look for.

How do you set up a hosted telephone service?

A virtual PBX service allows companies to either post an existing number or add a new number be it local or international. The providers ask businesses to choose how many extensions they require, which are correspondingly configured with the virtual PBX software. Any calls made on the business's number will be routed to the destination number in the virtual PBX. This can even be manipulated and changed to route to a different number, say a personal device or such, in case it cannot be catered to at the number chosen earlier. Businesses can utilize the auto-attendant option so callers receive custom greetings on making the call. This is especially helpful when customers call outside business hours. Or, they can even bypass the auto-attendant to be directly routed to the specified extension. Individual extensions have separate voice-mail and are even offered options to convert these messages to email or text. The extension can be utilized to categorize business calls based on functionality so the callers are directed to departments like sales or customer service, based on the requirement.

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