Virtual Phone Service

Get Virtual Phone Service for Your Small Business?

Virtual Phone Service

Get Virtual Phone Service

Get virtual phone service for your small business and eliminate the cost and equipment related to traditional PBX business telephone systems. Additionally, virtual phone service via a virtual PBX system allows you to enjoy all the power of an expensive phone system at a fraction of the cost. Now home-based businesses, startup companies, and independent business owners can use a small business virtual phone system to run their business from their cell phone and still sound like a Fortune 500 company to callers. When someone calls your hosted telephone service they are greeted by a virtual auto receptionist that greets the call and then routes the call to the proper extension, phone or voicemail. This experience gives the caller the impression they are calling a professional and established company.

Why Get Virtual Phone Services?

  • Virtual phone services are affordable and easy to set up
  • Hosted phone systems are loaded with amazing features
  • Virtual telephone service are hosted (or cloud-based) so there’s no hardware or software needed

Get Virtual Phone Service

What is virtual phone service?

Virtual phone service allows small business to sound professional and stay connected. Whether you’re a large corporation or small, home-based, startup company – you want to sound professional to your customers. A virtual phone service can accomplish this in minutes.

How does virtual phone service work?

Virtual phone services work with your existing phones. You can literally run your business from your cell phone and sound as if you have an expensive Fortune 500 company telephone system. Virtual phone services are affordable and easy to set up. There’s no costly upfront investment or long term contracts.

What features do hosted telephone services offer small businesses?

A hosted telephone service gives you all the power and features of a traditional business PBX phone system, without the cost and hardware. Your phone system is the first impression your customers have of your business. A virtual phone service includes auto-attendant, call forwarding, voicemail, internet faxing, conference calling, and much more.

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