Get a VoIP Business Phone System for Your Small Business

How to Review VoIP Business Phone Systems for Your Small Business

VoIP business phone systems

VoIP Business Phone Systems

Getting a VoIP business phone system is a smart move for your growing company. When it comes to an office phone system there is no more affordable or scalable option than VoIP business phone systems. This is because a VoIP phone system for small business is hosted offsite. There is no need to implement or maintain a closet full of expensive telecom equipment because everything is virtually hosted. A virtual business phone system requires no complex equipment to manage – just plug your IP-telephones into your existing high speed internet and you are ready to make calls. A VoIP business phone system not only makes calling nationwide affordable, it gives small businesses the power of a Fortune 500 company phone system for a fraction of the cost of legacy PBX telephone systems.

Why get a VoIP Business Phone System?

  • VoIP business phone systems are affordable.
  • You can easily add new phones, extensions, and users as your business grows.
  • Implementation is fast and easy.

VoIP Business Phone Systems

How does a VoIP business phone system work?

A VoIP business phone system works with your existing internet connection. You can simply plug your IP-phone into your router and start making calls. With a VoIP business phone system you are using the internet to make and receive calls instead of a traditional landline. This type of small business phone system makes nationwide calling affordable and offers the phone system features typically associated with extremely expensive traditional PBX telephone systems used by big businesses. Today, even a home-based business or startup company can sound like a Fortune 500 company using a small business virtual phone system.

How do I compare VoIP business phone systems?

There are several things to consider when comparing VoIP business phone systems. These comparisons include: features, price, and customer service. However, customer service and support is the number one factor you should consider when selecting a VoIP business phone system provider. There are hundreds of business VoIP providers on the market and for the most part they all pretty much offer similar features and functionality. However, to cut costs, they outsource their customer support or in some cases, don’t provide any hands on personal service. The companies that offer limited support typically have the lowest prices and the highest customer turnover. That’s something to consider when selecting a VoIP business phone system service.

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