What is a Vanity Number Search?

Find 800 Numbers with Our Vanity Phone Number Generator

what is a vanity number search

Are you wondering what a vanity number search is and how it works?

We can help. A toll free vanity number search is a search for toll free 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844 numbers that spell a word related to your business or industry. Here at UniTel Voice, we can show you how to get a vanity number using our vanity number lookup tool. And if you can’t think of any available 800 toll free vanity number ideas for your small business that will help you market your company and make it easier for your customer’s to remember your phone number, our search vanity phone number generator will recommend a few options. Try our vanity phone number generator today for free.

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what is a vanity number search

Questions about Vanity Number Searches

vanity number lookup
To improve the image of your business and to enhance the return on the money you spent on advertising, you must make full use of the vanity toll free numbers. It sometimes gets difficult to search 800 numbers. To make your task easy, you should start with a phrase or a word that you think describes your products or services the best. It should also be something that your customers can associate it with your business. For instance, if you deal in flowers, the word FLOWERS at the end of your vanity number is a good way for customers to remember your number. Use a toll free prefix and a few more digits and you will attract more customers and receive responses and feedbacks from them.

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It is not necessary to have a word every time to create the most memorable vanity number. You can have the best vanity numbers just by getting numbers with easy patterns such sequential or repeating digits. These vanity numbers have the same effect as the vanity numbers with words, especially when the number features in large fonts along with catchy jingles on large billboards.

vanity phone number generator
You must first be very clear about what is a vanity number search? Almost all the toll free numbers are reserved from a single database of spare numbers. Most of the vanity toll free number providers like UniTel Voice, offer their customers with a search tool which instantly finds and reserves your toll free number from the database. You can use it with your virtual phone system. Every single search will come up with at least ten matching numbers. If there are no matches in the first search, you can refine your search and try again. Start simple while going for the search and do not think that a long number with a phrase is needed all the time. Try to be more creative and flexible with yor search as it will increase your chances of finding a vanity number that fits perfectly. Keep in mind that certain prefixes have been there for a long time, so the chances of getting a number with those prefixes will be difficult.

search vanity number generatorThere are many advantages of having a vanity number lookup. Here is a list of some of these benefits.

  • Boosts your brand
    A great vanity number helps in creating instant appeal among the customers, just like a great domain name would. This is emphasized by the fact that a huge amount of toll free marketing is carried out by large companies through the vanity numbers.
  • Stronger market presence
    Your brand will become stronger as the vanity number makes a company look more established and large.
  • Increased response rate
    The response from the customers will increase at a much higher rate with a vanity number.
  • Maximizes the ROI on advertising
    The company will get back everything which they have invested in, in a very short period of time.
  • Owner profitability
    The net worth of the company gets enhanced and is a valuable tool for negotiation during acquisitions.
  • Creation of instant credibility
    In online marketing, having a vanity number can be really advantageous, as to assess the credibility the customers have to assemble lots of clues. Having an effective vanity number creates credibility in an instant.
  • Customer recognition
    A customer easily recognizes the brand if they have a vanity number and it also leads to repeat customers.
  • Consumers feel at ease
    The customers trust those companies which are more accessible which comes with having a toll free number.

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