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What is an auto attendant phone system?

An auto attendant phone system (also known as an auto receptionist or virtual receptionist) is phone system that businesses use to stay connected and sound professional. With UniTel Voice small business owners, startup companies, and on-the-go entrepreneurs can setup a virtual phone system that has all the power of a traditional PBV auto attendant telephone system, and run their business form their cell phones. Sign Up Instantly. 30-Days Risk Free! No Contracts.

Phone system features included:

  • Custom Greetings
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Unlimited Call Handling
  • Unlimited Extensions & Call Forwarding
  • Call Screening & Announcement
  • Voicemail & Fax to Email
  • And more...

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FAQs on auto attendant phone service

What is an auto attendant phone system?

auto attendant phone system small business An auto attendant phone system serves as the perfect interface for callers to your toll free number. It is a voice menu system that lets callers automatically get through to different extensions without having to go through an operator or receptionist. An auto attendant phone service will come along with a basic menu system where callers press buttons on their phones to connect to different extensions. This is done by presenting a menu with all the various options. Auto attendant phone systems can be considered as a digital auto receptionist that continuously provides for accurate transfers of calls. Advances in technology have made the auto attendance service more than just a means to transfer calls inside one particular branch or office. Call transfer capabilities are reaching global levels. Learn more about: Automated Telephone System with Automated Voice Mail

What are the features of an auto attendant system?

The features of an auto attendant system can prove to be very beneficial for the development of a company. Callers are provided with a large number of options to connect directly to different extensions. Auto attendant software can be programmed to play different messages for different calls and can even play music when calls are left on hold. Instead of just listing the different extensions that a caller can connect to, a telephone auto attendant can play personalized greetings as well. These greetings can be customized with different messages playing during different times or on different holidays. This helps in making a business more approachable. With such facilities, an auto attendant phone system for a small business can help to reinforce a positive image and provide a professional look to the organization.

auto attendant phoneAuto attendants can not only transfer calls to different extensions inside the office, but also route calls forward to different numbers outside the office. These numbers to which calls are transferred can be temporary. They can be regularly changed with the auto attendant software program. When employees are unavailable to take calls, an auto attendant phone can even direct a caller to the suitable voice mailboxes to leave messages. Providing such a large number of options can help organizations to best serve their customers and future prospects. Auto attendant phones make the business more approachable and help you satisfy customers.

What are the benefits of phone system with auto attendant?

auto attendant hardware Taking the extra effort to install auto attendant hardware in your company can provide organizations with many benefits. It can ensure customer satisfaction, provide a professional outlook and guarantee flawless functioning of your company’s phone services. Auto attendant phones can be programmed to answer calls after a specific number of rings. This provides a chance for employers to answer the phone before the call is taken up by the auto receptionist. Auto attendant services can facilitate the expansion of a business over many different locations as well. This is because they can route calls to an unlimited number of extensions over different geographical locations. It also extends the working hours of your business during which customers can contact you.

Are auto attendants cost effective?

auto attendant phone service An auto attendant phone system is also useful as it can serve as a cost effective solution for businesses. It can assist or even entirely replace the work of a human operator by taking up all functions that are needed to cater for a caller’s needs. The entire process of incoming calls can be simplified and automated. Since the system is automated, it allows for multiple inbound calls which leads to an increase the incoming call capacity of the organization. As the auto receptionist messages may be recorded or downloaded it serves as the best way to provide for multi-lingual support. The automation of the procedure also improves the speed of response time.

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