Purchase Available 1-800 Numbers

Here’s What You Need To Know

available 1-800 numbers

There’s a limited amount of 1-800 numbers available for purchase. And the available ones have been used previously by other companies. So it’s unlikely that you’ll find a vanity 800 number that fits your brand. There are, however, phone companies out there that rent premium numbers like 1-800-DENTIST. But that can get pricy. But don’t get discouraged. There are still several options for purchasing a great toll free number, and we’ll discuss those below.

Searching for Available 1-800 Numbers (FAQs)

1. Why is there a limited amount of 1-800 numbers available for purchase?

Toll free 1-800 numbers first became available in 1964. By the end of the 1980s, they were virtually all in use. Occasionally, a company will go out of business and release its 800 number back to the spare pool. At that point, another business can use the number (the “recycled 1-800 number”). But that means there’s a minimal supply at any given time.


2. Is using a recycled 1-800 number a problem?

No. If you want a 1-800 number, there is an almost 100% chance another company has used the number before. The only downside is you might get more spam calls or wrong numbers.


3. Why is it unlikely to find a vanity 1-800 number that fits my brand?

It’s just a numbers game. Since there are so few available 800 numbers, the options for spelling relevant words go down. The more numbers, the more chances you’ll find one that spells the vanity word that fits your brand.


4. How does renting a premium vanity 1-800 number work?

Some marketing agencies own really valuable numbers like 1-800-Dentist or 1-800-Lawyer and are willing to rent them to you in specific locations. They use geographic call routing technology that allows inbound calls to be routed to phone numbers with the same area code. That means a law firm in Chicago and a law firm in New York could rent 1-800-lawyer to use in radio commercials. When someone in New York calls the number, the geo routing will send those calls to the New York law office. When someone calling from a Chicago number calls, they’ll be routed to the Chicago firm.


5. What are my options for purchasing a great toll free number?

You can purchase a 1-800 number for a reasonable price, it just won’t be a vanity number. But if you are looking for a toll free vanity number, there are some great options. When the original toll free 800 numbers ran out of stock, the FCC released some more toll free number options, including the following area codes 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. Because there are more available numbers in these area codes, you can find an excellent vanity number for your business.


6. Can I purchase a 1-800 number from UniTel Voice?

Yes, we have a relatively large selection of “true 800 numbers” available for purchase. And if you are looking for a vanity toll free number, we can search the national database of available numbers in real time. You can search by numbers, letters, or words. If you find a number you’d like to use, we can snap it up for you instantly. And most importantly, with UniTel Voice, you own your number — no strings attached. If, for any reason down the road, you decided to switch business phone service providers, you can take your vanity toll free number with you to another provider at no additional cost. No porting fees. No cancelation fees. No holding your number hostage

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