Get A 1-800 Phone Number For Your Business

How to Get Great 1-800 Phone Numbers

What is a 1-800 Number? A 1-800 phone number is a toll free number used by both large and small businesses. Toll free 1800 numbers are globally recognized as business phone numbers. This recognition provides a sense of credibility associated with using a toll free telephone number as your main business phone number. Even home-based business owners and solo entrepreneurs who run their business from their cellular phones often use a toll free 1 800 phone number to give their small business a big business appeal.

Where can I get a 1-800 telephone number?

  • Toll free service providers that are phone companies serving as authorized RespOrg by the FCC.
  • Marketing firms renting vanity 800 numbers for branding purposes.
  • Resellers marketing a third party phone company’s service.

3 Things You Should Know About Getting 1-800 Phone Numbers

1.     They’re an affordable way to boost sales.

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2.     A good vanity 1-800 number is hard to find.

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3.     Don’t rent – own.

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