Available 800 Number Lookup Tool

Look-up available toll free 800 numbers for your small business

Updated 2017: Looking for a great 1-800 phone number for your business? We can help. In fact, we have a tool on our site that allows you to search the FCC’s National Toll Free Number Database (the Somos inventory of available toll free numbers) in real time. Just click the “get a toll free number” button below and you’ll see step 1 of our sign up process “Pick Your Number”.  Simply type in the word or number combination into the search tool and our system will pull up any available number matches.

The UniTel Voice 800 number lookup tool allows you to:

If the number you are looking for isn’t available our lookup tool will provide you with close match suggestions that are available.

3 Things You Should Know About Looking Up Available Toll Free Numbers

  1. It’s hard to find available 800 numbers.

Why? Two primary reasons. True 800 numbers were first released in the 1960s so almost all of them have been snapped up by existing businesses. The second reason is some companies practiced grabbing up as many 800 numbers to profit of the misdialed caller traffic. It was reported that a few adult entertainment companies utilized this practice as well… We have no idea if this was a successful scheme for these companies, but it definitely drained the spear pool of available 800 numbers.


  1. Just because an 800 number is disconnected – that doesn’t mean it’s not in use.

Ever come up with the perfect vanity 800 number idea, and just decide to give the number a call? You might get excited when you hear a disconnected message. Unfortunately, just because the number is disconnected, doesn’t mean that the number is not in use. If the number was truly not in use, the number would return to the FCC’s spare pool and you might have a shot of getting it. But, it’s likely that the number still technically “in use” and owned by an existing company that is simply forwarding the number to a DID (landline local number) that is no longer in service. And the worst part, you have no way of figuring out who owns the number. Even if you track down the RespOrg (the phone company that services the 800 number) they can’t give you their customer’s information. They can’t even tell you who the customer is. The moral of the story is, if an 800 number is disconnected – don’t get your hopes up – because that doesn’t mean it’s available or attainable.


  1. If the 800 number you want isn’t available try another toll free prefix.

The good news is every time the toll free number database gets low on available numbers the FCC authorizes the release of a new toll free prefix, as they just did with 833 toll free numbers. If you can’t find the 800 number you’re looking for, try toll free numbers with different prefixes like 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833. The newer the prefix the more number options available.

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