Get Vanity Toll Free Numbers for Your Small Business

How to Get Vanity 800 Numbers for Your Small Business

Investing in vanity toll free numbers can be a smart move for your small business. A good vanity toll free number can significantly boost a small business’s sales. That’s because Vanity 800 numbers make it easy for customers to call your business. Vanity toll free numbers are just simply so much easier to remember than random digit telephone numbers. A good vanity 1800 number spells a word associated with your company name, your business’s industry, or a feature or benefit related to your product’s value proposition. Vanity toll free numbers can come in many different toll free prefixes such as 888, 877, 866, or 855. Some are expensive, but you can definitely find a cheap toll free number if you look hard enough.

Where can I get vanity toll free numbers for my small business?

  •   You can get a vanity toll free number with almost any prefix from UniTel Voice.
  • UniTel Voice offers a real time toll free number search tool tied directly to the SMS/800 database.
  • Not only can you find great deals on vanity toll free numbers, you’ll find phone services loaded with amazing features.

3 Things You Should Know About Vanity 800 Numbers

1.     The most memorable vanity 800 numbers are related to your brand name.

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2.     If you can’t get a vanity toll free phone number related to your company’s name try something related to your industry.

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3.     If you can’t get a vanity toll free number related your industry, try finding a number related to your value proposition.

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