Get a Virtual Auto Attendant for Your Small Business

Professionally greet & route callers to multiple extensions or phones

Update 2017: The Virtual Office Phone System from UniTel Voice provides small businesses with a virtual auto attendant (also referred to as an auto-receptionist or virtual receptionist). When your customer’s call your business, your auto attendant’s greeting is the first thing callers hear. The UniTel Voice virtual auto attendant helps small business owners sound professional and stay connected by automatically greeting callers and routing them to the proper employee or department extension, phone or voicemail. It’s affordable and easy to set up – with no need for hardware, software or phone system equipment. You can manage everything online. With a UniTel Voice virtual auto attendant you can:

  • Professionally welcome callers with a custom recording
  • Direct callers to departments, employees & information
  • Customize your greeting – use our professional voice talent studio for free!

3 Common Questions About Virtual Auto Attendant Phone Systems, Answered.

1.     What is a virtual auto attendant?

A virtual auto attendant or virtual receptionist greets callers when they call your main business number. It works as an auto-receptionist allowing callers to select from a menu of choices (e.g., sales department, customer support, directions to your location, or an employee dial-by-name directory).


2.     Why should I get a virtual auto attendant phone system for my small business?

A virtual auto attendant helps your small business sound more professional. It also helps direct callers to the person, department, or information they need. Traditionally only big companies with expensive on location PBX phone systems had auto attendants. Now auto attendants can be hosted virtually via a cloud-based business phone system PBX making them less expensive, more convenient and accessible to business both big and small.


3.     Is it easy to customize my virtual auto attendant’s message?

Yes! Your virtual auto attendant can be customized however you would like. You can record your own greeting or use our voice talent studio to give your business a professional touch. You can also use a third party voice talent to record your main greeting.

Simple setup. No long term contracts. 30-day money back guarantee.