833 Vanity Numbers Available Now

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has Released Toll Free 833 Numbers

Have Questions About 833 Toll Free Numbers?

We’ve got answers!

1. How much does it cost to buy an 833 toll free number from UniTel Voice?

When you sign up for UniTel Voice you can get a free recommended toll free number (toll free numbers we have pre-selected for instant sign up) or you can order a custom vanity toll free number for a one-time fee of $15. Note: once you purchase your toll free number you own it and can use it with UniTel Voice or any other toll free service provider of your choice.

2. How do I find the best vanity 833 number for my business?

First, make a list of keywords and keyword phrases related to your business. You want words related to your brand name, your industry, your services, and/or the value you provide to your customers. Once you’re done brainstorming, take your words and phrases and remove any ones with more than seven characters. Once you’ve done that, now all you have to do is rank them in order based on how memorable they are and you’ve got your list. You want a least of at least five options in case your first few choices aren’t available.

3. Will UniTel Voice help me find a specific 833 vanity number?

Yes, our staff is here to help. Whether you’d like us to help you brainstorm some ideas or help you place your order over the phone – we’d be happy to speak with you. It’s important to remember that 833 toll free numbers are initially distributed by the FCC in batches and some other company very well could beat you to the punch by snapping up the number you want before you do. Your best chance is to place your 833 order request ASAP and bid as high as you are comfortable with so you will be as close to the front of the line as possible.

4. What if the word I want for my 833 vanity number has more than seven digits?

You may still request it. If the word is more than 7 digits the additional digits are called “over dials”. You basically just tack your over dials on to your number and if people dial them it doesn’t matter because the call will have already been completed once the 3 digit area code and 7 digit number has been dialed. Lots of companies use vanity numbers with over dials, for example the insurance company Progressive. Their number is 1-800-PROGRESSIVE. In this case the SIVE in the word PROGRESSIVE are the over dials.

5. How long will 833 toll free numbers be available for purchase?

The short answer is, until they run out. However, the good vanity 833 numbers will go fast and the best ones will be gone within the first few days. Each day and week thereafter, the pool of desirable 833 phone numbers dwindles. Your best chance of getting a great number (that spells the word you want) is by placing numerous pre-order requests.

6. Are 833 numbers different from other toll free phone numbers?

No, they function the same way as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844 toll free numbers do. The only difference is the 833 toll free prefix (or technically called the 833 area code). Otherwise, there is no difference.

7. Besides the prefix, what is the difference between an 800 number and an 833 number?

The biggest difference is 1-800 numbers were released in 1963 and they are almost all in use by other companies at the moment – making vanity 800 numbers (like 1-800-FLOWERS) really hard to get. 833 toll free numbers however, have just became available so there’s a huge pool of vanity number options. The trick is to use a toll free number broker or phone company (like us) to pre-order the 833 phone numbers you want so the minute they are released you are in the front of the line to get the number you want. It’s basically a gold rush and the first folks to get there win.

8. Once I secure an 833 telephone number do I have to pay for ongoing service?

No matter who you purchase your 833 number from, you will have to activate it for service. So the answer is yes, because the FCC requires that all purchased toll free numbers remain in use, otherwise they have to return to the spare pool so another company has the opportunity to use the number. This is true in every scenario no matter who you buy your toll free number from. If companies were allowed to hoard numbers there wouldn’t be any left. So, once you’ve secured your 833 number you will have 30 days to either transfer the number to a toll free service provider of your choice or keep it with UniTel Voice on one of our low-cost plans. If you purchase an 833 number from UniTel Voice and do not transfer your number to another toll free service provider within the 30 day period, your number will be automatically placed on our lowest monthly starter plan ($9.99/month). You may cancel at any time or transfer your number to another service provider at any time.

9. Will I own the 833 phone numbers that I purchase from UniTel Voice?

Yes, you will own them with no strings attached. Once you buy an 833 number or any phone number for that matter, with us, you own it and can transfer it to another carrier at any time. However, we hope you’ll consider keeping your new 833 number with us on one of our low-cost/high-quality toll free number service plans, especially if you’re an entrepreneur who runs your business from your cell phone. We’ve got the pricing and features you need.

10. How many vanity 833 numbers can I request?

Virtually unlimited. You simply signup for one number initially to create your account and then once your account has been created you can add more any time or request that our support team does it for you.