We Provide Virtual Phone Systems with Local & Toll Free Numbers to Small Business Owners

“Our goal at UniTel Voice has always been to be a phone company people love.”

Doug McCabe, President of UniTel Voice

Our Story

Over the past 20 years, our team has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, home business owners, freelancers, and small businesses of every kind of sound professional and stay connected. In 2010, after several years in the toll free industry, we realized small business owners and on-the-go entrepreneurs need more than just traditional toll free number service. They need the power of a professional all-in-one PBX business phone system without the complexity, cost, or equipment. The solution: The UniTel Voice Virtual Phone System.

UniTel Voice lets entrepreneurs start, run, and grow their small business anywhere, using any phone. Callers can reach you wherever you are, on your cell, in the office, or at home. To the caller, it sounds like you have a professional business phone system. You’ll never have to purchase expensive phone system equipment.

Whether you’re a freelancer, home-based business, or growing company with multiple employees, UniTel Voice makes it easy to stay connected and sound professional. You can create extensions for all your employees, regardless of their location, forward calls to ring groups, send and receive faxes by email, and access voicemails online or by phone. You can set up a local number from any city in North America, get a toll free number in any prefix: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or 833, or we’ll help you find the perfect vanity phone number for your business.

Today, we’re on our 3rd version of the UniTel Voice Virtual Phone System because we cherish customer feedback. Our fantastic 20,000+ customers have helped us create and shape a product that is truly useful to people starting and running their own business. Our customers have always been our strongest asset.

What sets us apart?

Customer Support

Every customer, large or small, has access to their own personal account manager to ensure they are up and running immediately. You can, of course, manage everything online yourself, however, our account managers are available to help you set up and customize your phone system to meet your business needs and provide you with hands-on, personalized assistance if you need it. Our customer support is 100% USA-based and always free. Call us and you'll talk to a person who cares about solving your problem. With UniTel Voice you are never on your own.

Network Reliability

Our system is designed to function under the toughest mission-critical standards to ensure industry-leading network quality and reliability. Every aspect of our system is monitored by senior engineering staff 24x7x365. Our real-time diagnostics and on-site monitoring, alerts our network personnel of unfavorable conditions before issues arise, safeguarding system integrity, ensuring uptime and providing you with the security of knowing your phone system will keep you connected.

Straightforward Pricing

Our prices are public and published right on our site. Our customers can cancel at any time, no contracts locking you in or cancelation fees either. If you decide to cancel your account with us you may port your phone number(s) to another provider at no cost. You own your numbers, no strings attached. We also offer a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Simple setup. No long term contracts. 30-day money back guarantee.