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Order 1800 Phone Numbers for Your Small Business

1800 phone numbers

Why Every Small Business Needs a Toll Free Number

1800 phone numbers are leveraged by several large enterprises for their benefit in crafty marketing campaigns. From simple bill boards to funny commercials over the Super bowl, vanity numbers and toll free numbers are flaunted by industry giants on what seems like every nook and corner. However, when it comes to small businesses, you may be tempted to think if owning a toll free 1800 number is really worth all the effort. Especially as small businesses are often well known to run on shoe string budgets. The answer to this question would completely depend on the type of your business and other business priorities. Here are some simple objectives that can help you decide if you need a 1800 phone number lookup for your business.

Top Reasons to Get 1800 Phone Numbers:

  • Instant credibility for your small business
  • Ring them anywhere even to virtual voicemail
  • Sound and look professional even if you are running your biz from your cell

FAQs About 1800 Telephone Numbers

What type of small business should get a 1800 phone number?

1800 phone number lookup The first thing you need to consider before looking at 1800 phone numbers for your business is to determine why you need it. Many suggest that local businesses do not benefit greatly when it comes to owning toll free numbers (which isn’t true). This could be because of the relatively lower customer base and can depend vastly on the population of the local region. However, with toll free numbers getting incredibly affordable of late, these are now also a viable option for local businesses. Toll free numbers provide your customers with an easy way to contact you. This is also an ideal option if you are considering a toll free number for your ecommerce business. You will be able to offer your customers with excellent support and much more through a toll free number.

Why are 1800 telephone numbers effective marketing tools?

Many small businesses often hesitate when it comes to spending money marketing. This is mainly due to the fact that the returns on the revenue spent on advertisements are often not easy to determine. However, investing on a Toll free telephone number is a viable and also an effective option when it comes to marketing. Toll free 1800 phone numbers are known to increase the effectiveness of the call to actions especially when using clever vanity numbers. These vanity numbers make sure that your prospective customers do not forget the number easily and contact you whenever they require your services. These vanity numbers even though can be used cleverly for marketing are not priced more than any regular toll free number and also function in the same number. This is an added advantage that all small businesses need to leverage.

Why are toll free numbers great for customer support?

Customer support is something that is very essential in every form of business – especially if you offer a unique service to your customers. Offering an effective customer support and making sure that your customer is satisfied can help your business grow. However, providing support to your customer can be a challenging task. Solving a customer’s problem would involve several aspects such as understanding the problem and then providing the customer with an effective solution. This process can easily consume quite a lot of time based on the complexity of the problem. In such situations, if you can find a way to make sure that your customer does not have to pay for the call can improve the overall customer experience.

So what is hold you back from getting a toll free 1-800 number for your business?

One of the major reasons why small businesses often do not opt for toll free numbers is for the reason that toll free numbers are expensive. This was definitely a valid reason and a true situation a few years ago. However, by implementing modern technology, you can definitely find plenty of cheap 1-800 numbers with quality toll free services and advanced virtual phone system features. Try UniTel Voice who offers these 1800 telephone numbers and services at highly competitive rates.

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