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Available 800 Number Lookup Tool

Many businesses nowadays are making the shift from normal telephone numbers to toll free numbers. The reason behind this is that it is free for the person making the call. This allows the business to get more calls from the customers with regard to customer support, customer queries and purchase requisitioning. Another benefit of owning 1-800 phone numbers is that the business who calls your toll free number will not be charged long distance rates. This gives the business a larger scope to receive more queries and it greatly increases sales. In order to get a toll free number, the business will have to approach an 800 toll free service provider, such as, Unitel Voice who will sell the number at a fixed monthly rate. These toll free number providers have a database of toll free numbers from which businesses can choose from. When the business makes a request for a toll free number, the provider will do an 800 number lookup in the system to find an available 800 number. UniTel Voice makes 800 number lookups a piece of cake!

The UniTel Voice 800 Number Lookup Tool Allows You To:

  • Find toll free numbers with any prefix
  • Look up available toll free 1800 numbers that spell a word
  • Instantly reserve and signup for affordable toll free number service

FAQs Regarding the Available 800 Number Lookup Tool

What are the basics about 800 number lookups?

800 number lookup tool When a business is looking to find a toll free number, he has the option to purchase a regular toll free number or selecting from business toll free vanity numbers available in any toll free number prefix. A vanity toll free number is one that has an 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844 followed by a phrase that is encoded in numbers, such as, 1 for ABC, 2 for DEF, etc. The business can create a phrase in which customers can associate them with and request for a number to be created using that phrase. The provider will then do use their internal 800 number lookup tool that will filter through their entire database and will retrieve the available 800 number for the business. This available 800 number lookup can be used to search for all regular toll free numbers as well.

What is an 800 number lookup tool?

800 number lookups Every business has a different program in their internal management system that helps retrieve any information from their database. This makes it easier for the business to search for data quickly instead of manually filtering through documents and files. As these toll free numbers are generally provided by a company that uses a computer software to store and manage their database, all it needs is a specific lookup tool to enable the search for information. These lookup tools are based on a computer algorithm that runs a search through the entire database and recovers the data using specific keywords in the search query. When the toll free number provider does a 800 number lookup at the request of the business, the program that it uses does an in-depth search for the query in their internal database system and retrieves the available 800 number. This number is then managed and setup by the provider on behalf of the business in return for a monthly rate with no setup charge and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Why businesses should opt for an 800 number provider?

available 800 number lookup The reason why businesses are making the shift to toll free number providers is because they know that they will receive quality service. The first benefit about a 800 number provider is that it does a 800 number lookup within seconds so that the business can make a purchase for a toll free number without wasting precious time. The provider also gives additional benefits such as installing the toll free number and setting up the proper equipment and tools at no additional expense. The businesses are also guaranteed a 30 money back policy which allows them to be compensated if they are not happy with the service that is being provided.

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