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Get 10 Line Multiline Business Phone System with Virtual Phone Lines

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Get a Cheap Multi Line Telephone System with Virtual Phone Lines and Unlimited Extensions

If you are looking to set up cheap business phone lines or possible a 10 line phone system for your small business you should check out UniTel Voice’s hosted PBX telephone systems for small business. UniTel Voice offers small office phone systems with virtual phone system features. You can setup an auto-attendant with unlimited extensions that can forward to employees at any location.

Why You Need a Multi Line Phone System

multi line phone systems Single-line phone systems ruled the business phone lines for a long time. But multi line phone systems are growing in popularity among small business phone lines. Not only do multi line phone systems aid in easing out the customer-business interactions, but they help in carrying out smooth in-house business interactions over the phone. Single-line phone systems are actively being replaced by multi line ones as the advantages the latter has to offer are galore! If you get 800 business numbers from UniTel Voice you can forward them to multiple lines or extensions with customizable time-of-day routing options.

How does a multi line phone system work?

10 line phone system In a basic system, there are individual lines, each with its own phone number. On receiving a call, if the line is busy, the caller gets notified or will be put through to voice mail directly. In a typical multi line phone system, multiple lines are associated with a unique phone number. The maximum number of lines allocated to a phone can be eight or ten. Each line is denoted as Line 1, Line 2 and so on, on the phone extension. They offer a rollover option to handle calls. In case multiple users contact the phone at the same time then the calls are allocated in the descending order to the lines. By allocating incoming calls to available lines, business can attend to multiple callers at the same time. While some require manual operation, others provide automated services where the calls get delegated automatically.

Helpful in dealing with lot of customers

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Features to look for in a multi line system

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1. Line hunting:This feature helps in effectively handling incoming calls. When a consumer calls, the call is suitably allocated to a free line. If none of the lines are free, either the consumer is notified or directed to voice mail.
2. Call forwarding:This option allows calls to be transferred across lines when a line is busy and helps to attend to nearly all the incoming calls.
3. Call waiting:This feature notifies the host about an incoming call while he/she is attending to another call.
4. Call hold:This option can be used to put the ongoing call on hold so as to attend to other calls.
5. Call-transfer: This can be used to transfer calls to a different number.
6. Conference call: This allows multiple users to engage in the same call.
7. Outside/ Inside ringing: This helps in distinguishing between the external and internal incoming calls.
8. Voice mail: This helps in attending to calls round the clock, as the caller can leave messages through voice mail even while you're out of office.

Why small business phone lines are switching to multi line systems

Small businesses are upgrading their phone lines to multi line systems as it helps in managing their growing business better. Many a times, an unattended customer is as good as losing a potential customer. This is a risk that most small businesses are not willing to take. Intra-office phone conversations can now be easily managed through a multi line facility. Also, the flexible, easy-to-use features that come with the nominally priced multi line system make it a lucrative pick.

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